【G Times】The three types of vaccines properly have their own “ulterior motives”

Author: Giselle Translator: Una

1. On May 28, Belarusian President Lukashenko visited Russia and was warmly entertained by Putin even though he may face a gang fight against the United States and the European Union. However, on the contrary, when CCP’s official Tiger Yang visited Russia on the 25th, Putin did not even meet him. What do you think of this matter?

——The CCP Tiger Yang and Belarusian Lukashenko both expected that Putin government can provide them protection. Putin just telephoned Yang for three minutes, but, warmly entertained Lukashenko.

It’s so simple to explain it! The Yang represents’ CCP is definitely a dead end. It is not just being fight against by a group, it is very likely died without even the ashes left. So, whoever has connections with them, they would die.

However, Belarus behind Lukashenko is just like a big fat sheep, it can be merged, reorganized, and incorporated into their harem… It seems that you must be valuable if you want to be used.

2. On the 29th, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs stated that the Philippines protested against the CCP’s continued “illegal presence and actions” near Thitu Island in the South China Sea and requested the CCP to evacuate their  boats.

It is said that President Duterte of the Philippines has lodged at least 84 similar diplomatic protests against the CCP since he took office in 2016.

——If the protests were effective, the CCP would have died 8 million times!

The best way is using the sledgehammer directly. Definitely, however, the Philippines dared not to do that in the past.

3. The total number of COVID-19 vaccinated people has exceeded 600 million doses in China till 28th; the European Union has approved the Pfizer vaccines for the teenagers between 12 to 15 years old; thousands of mansion houses has been used as a bait to trick citizens into vaccination in HongKong; Canada also speeds up the vaccination…

——I always think that the vaccine issue is not so simple. Dr. Fleming once said that the same group of people have developed the virus, vaccines and the black technology in the vaccines… mRNA vaccines, adenovirus vaccines and inactivated vaccines may have their own special character in the big reconstruction plan.

Are replication and infection the role of the adenovirus vaccines?

What is the real purpose of the inactivated vaccine of the Chinese Communist Party? The two senior executives of Sinopharm Group suddenly resigned in January this year, is there some connection with the vaccine?

4. Xi Jinping stated that the Chinese education system can produce masters…

——It can indeed train big S like Liu Xiaoming and Cheng Jingye.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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