During the collapse of CCP, we must stick together. We must survive, protect our assets, and fight back

The U.S. economy and the world economy will surely suffer a catastrophe

The vast majority of the funds I know are quietly converting assets to cash and sending cash overseas

Most people save cash in those digital currencies that they have faith in,

and some people really have bought a lot of physical gold

Real estates are sold as soon as they can be sold, not to mention stocks.

They are sold if they can be sold, or mortgaged if they can be mortgaged. All these have happened just in the recent two or three months.

Remember what I said today. CCP is about to be finished 100%.

But do you think the world economy will go well during the collapse of CCP?

Let me tell you what the funds did, which I’ve been working with for a long time.

All of them are ready to live in the mountains in the next few years.

They have prepared a lot of life supply measures. Brothers and sisters, this is not a joke.

This movement before the CCP’s demise has been quietly observed by people all over the world.

If the CCP doesn’t hand over the cure and doesn’t tell you the truth,

the virus will be getting scarier and scarier.

That’s why I say we have to stick together, fellow fighters.

And it’s very important that our farms should be well organized and well managed.

After our first anniversary on June 4, we have a lot of work that the farms need to do

We will give a lot more money to the farms to build up the infrastructure and store plenty of all kinds of resources, which are necessary for fellow fightersaround the world to survive the three major disasters.

The first is all kinds of human catastrophe during the demise of the CCP

The second disaster is a cyclical and catastrophic adjustment in the U.S. and world economy,

and we want to help fellow fighters in economy and life during the adjustment

The third disaster is the huge change in the world from the traditional paper money to the future cryptocurrency. I don’t want fellow fighters’ money be washed away.

These are three disasters. We must survive, protect our assets, and fight back

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