【Taking Down the CCP With Me】 A conversation with a Polish friend about viruses and vaccines

Translator: Janyvo

Proofread: Zhi Shi

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Recently, I caught up with a Polish friend of mine who has migrated to Australia for many years and shared with her my views on viruses and vaccines.   Since the topics we covered were quite extensive and also typical these days in our daily conversations, I’d like to share the key messages here with our readers.

This was our first meeting since the outbreak early last year, and as soon as she saw me, she couldn’t help but burst out how depressed and frustrated she has been lately.  I of course understand and said, “Yes, for the past year, everyone has been upset because of COVID (CCP-Virus), just to different degrees.”  Knowing my medical background, she quickly asked for my view on the CCP-Virus since I mentioned it.  I paused and then told her outright that this virus is essentially a biological weapon. The CCP-Virus’s whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist at the University of Hong Kong, has long warned us that when virologists conduct experiments, they never just test with one strain at a time, but a series of strains.  And since the CCP-Virus is a form of bioweapons, it will likely be unleashed again, and there will be not only a pool of mutated strains ready to be unleashed, but also different types of viruses besides just coronaviruses.

I then cited the former Secretary of State Pompeo’s article “China’s Reckless Labs Put the World at Risk” published in the Wall Street Journal[1], which revealed how the CCP has undertaken the “Great leap forward” in viral studies over the past decade.  By now, the CCP has already discovered almost 2,000 new viruses, which would take the past 200 years for the rest of the world to discover that many.  I told her: You know that I studied and practised medicine in China for many years, and I know that the CCP allocate very little funding to the medical and health sector, such that all the Chinese public hospitals have to rely on fees collected directly from patients to survive. 

China is lagging far behind compared to the West in terms of medical research grant and research level.  Yet why is the CCP so obsessed in finding viruses whilst little money is spent on public health?  Why would China be so particularly advanced in the viral field?  Surely this is not for benevolent purposes, otherwise the public healthcare system will not be severely underfunded.  It is staggering just to think many of these 2,000 viruses will become the next generation bioweapons.  This is merely a small clue out of a pool of overwhelming evidence that points to the fact that the CCP-Virus is a bioweapon.  Since January 19, 2020, Dr. Li-Meng Yan has provided irrefutable evidence that the virus came from a CCP military lab.   Also an article ‘Virus warfare’ in China military documents published in The Australian last weekend reported on an old Chinese military textbook “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons”, in which the content of the unrestricted virus weapon was articulately outlined.

She was very moved upon hearing my words.  She told me: one of the reasons I am so depressed is that in my home country of Poland, many people are aware that the viruses come from the laboratory, not from nature.  But here in Australia, almost no one I met believes this.  Everyone is like tamed sheep, taking up the government and media indoctrination without reservation.  This was what made me feel so helpless and powerless.  When my daughter’s teacher asked me in which area I wish to see my daughter making progress, my instant response is “critical thinking”!  I want her to be able to think independently, not to become one of those people who just conform to the norms.

I asked her not to be that pessimistic either as another local Australian friend of mine told me that 80% of the people she spoke to didn’t believe the virus came from nature.  The CCP-Virus being a bioweapon has a life-changing impact on everyone.  Like an elephant in the room, ultimately, it would be impossible to ignore because the subject is too enormous.  I feel as if this pandemic is a test or a trial for all of humanity, a bloody and painful lesson to teach mankind not to turn a blind eye to the forces of evil and become a sheep or a slave waiting to be slaughtered.  Most importantly, we should never gullibly follow, or blindly conform to whatever others impose upon us.

I further added that it is safe to say that most of the governments, experts, and media in this pandemic have failed their people.  They were either deliberately deceiving the public with their eyes wide shut, or they were truly ignorant and have been entirely misled and in turn, they have further misled the public.   I’ve mentioned before that this virus is a bioweapon, so do not expect there will ever be a viable vaccine to end the outbreak.  But people are so naive.  No one can imagine that the communists can be that evil …  At this point, she stopped me and said: “No, I believe it!  Those of us from Poland know the nature of the Communist Party.  Long ago under Soviet rule, we’ve learned what they were capable of.  It is unfortunate that the local Australians know so little about history, and as a result, they are totally incomprehensible to the evilness of the Communist Party…”  

I could not agree more with what she uttered so I continued: Exactly!  Even if a person cannot accept that the virus is a bioweapon and choose to call it a conspiracy theory, let’s take a step back and say that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which granted emergency authorization for the vaccine, would not be spreading conspiracy theories, right?  The official FDA website clearly states that “At this time, there are limited data to address whether the vaccine can prevent transmission of the virus from person to person.  In addition, at this time data are not available to determine how long the vaccine will provide protection.  Even with such an official assessment in place, the government, the media, and the experts never mentioned this to the public.  Instead, they kept advocating that only vaccines could end the pandemic allowing people to quickly return to their normal life. 

In light of such overwhelming misinformation, the vast majority have mistakenly been led to believe that vaccines are the only savior!  In addition, there is another more important issue that all mainstream media and experts dare not mention at all, that is, the vaccine may cause aggravation of the disease.  As we all know, the CCP-Virus is also known as SARS2, that the 2.0 version of SARS 18 years ago.  During the SARS epidemic, virologists discovered that animals were more susceptible to infection after receiving vaccinations and then being exposed to the mutated virus, with serious consequences of exacerbation, a phenomenon called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), which is much more serious than the direct side effects of vaccines.  This is a much more grave concern than the direct side effects of vaccines.  There are many papers on the ADE phenomenon in SARS, so will the ADE phenomenon also occur in the CCP-Virus, which is the SARS V2.0?  No one knows, and experts and the media are completely silent about it. (When editing this article, I found that the Chinese media did actually mention it recently, claiming that “the latest study found that the new crown vaccine does not cause ADE effect”, but if you read it carefully, you will find that it is just a specious inference made by a few animal experiments, not a clinical study at all.)

She was very grateful for all this information and said: “I was hesitating whether to get the vaccine or not.  As all of my parents, brothers, and sisters in Poland, including children and nephews, already contracted the CCP-Virus and they all recovered without any major adverse consequences.  Probably because they live on a farm and have a healthier lifestyle and a very strong immune system.”   Upon hearing that, I had to urge her to be on high alert!  This virus, as a bioweapon, harbours many vicious secrets and should never be taken lightly, let alone expect natural immunity to be adequate.  One must exercise extreme caution always!

Furthermore, there have been many reports that patients with secondary infections tend to suffer a more severe condition.  One piece of evidence pointed out by Dr. Yan early last year was that the E protein of the CCP-Virus is 100% identical to the wild bat viruses(ZC45 and ZXC21) founded by the CCP military lab.  And this E protein has been studied a lot by CCP virologists years ago and found that it is a rare key element in coronaviruses that can attack neural tissue.  To that, she immediately remarked: I did hear that a young man back home has been having neurological symptoms that they suspected were caused by the CCP-Virus infection.  I replied, yes, and I also saw a paper titled “Are we facing an increase in the prevalence of autoimmune encephalitis(infection or inflamation of the brain)(because of the CCP-Virus pandemic)?”.

Instead of vaccines, I told her that she could take medications such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a preventive measure against the CCP-Virus.  I explained to her some key details regarding the safety of HCQ. I also handed her a copy of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s preventive protocol.

Towards the end of our conversation, she indicated that her depression has lessened a lot.  I told her that at present we are on the eve of a great change, and being in Australia, far away from the centre of the pandemic, we are already very blessed.  Nonetheless, the entire world has plunged into a deep crisis since the CCP-Virus was unleashed.  The key to overcoming the pandemic is to eliminate the source of the virus, that is, to take down the CCP, not by vaccines or anything else. 

As individuals, all we can do is strive to spread the truth as far as possible so that more people can learn about the true origins of the virus.  The virus originated from the CCP, and because of this virus, the CCP is doomed to fall, and the virus will eventually fade away following the inevitable collapse of the CCP.  As my friend continually listened and nodded in agreement, a touch of a smile gradually reappeared on her face.  It seemed that the black cloud hanging over her head mostly dispersed…

(The content of the article represents the views of the author only)

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