Breaking News! Canadian Senator Boisvenu in Fellow Fighter Qetesh’s Interview on GTV

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At 8:00 pm Eastern time on May 27th, Canadian Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu was interviewed on a live show (Dora Show) with Quebec’s fellow fighter Qetesh. This is the first time a Canadian senator has been interviewed on GTV!

The legendary story of Mr. Boisvenu

Mr. Boisvenu was born in 1949, he is a Canadian politician and victim’s rights activist. He has served as a senior official and deputy minister in the Quebec Public Service for more than 30 years.

In 2002, his daughter Julie was kidnapped, forcibly confined, raped, and murdered by a man who abused female after they were drinking. After this tragedy, he noticed that the previous law only focused on criminals and ignored the victim’s family. In 2004, he co-founded the Murdered or Missing Persons’ Families’ Association (MMPFA) with the fathers of three other missing or murdered women. They provide support and advice to families who have lost their loved ones. It currently has more than 600 family members. In 2005, his second daughter Isabelle died in a car accident, Then, he created the Isabelle Boisvenu Fund, which provides scholarships for students in the field of victimology.

Mr. Boisvenu holds a photo of his beloved daughter
Murdered or Missing Persons’ Families’ Association (MMPFA)

In August 2005, he submitted 12 proposals from the MMPFA to the Harper government. They were all adopted and the bills were established to provide victims with better compensation at the end.

On January 28, 2010, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu accepted the invitation of Mr. Stephen Harper , then Prime Minister of Canada, and was sworn in as a member of the Senate of Canada on March 3, 2010. As a senator, he has worked to strengthen victim legislation and victims’ rights in Canada’s judicial system. He succeeded in passing the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights during his term in office.

In the show

Qetesh: Do you think that under the current law, criminals have been sanctioned?

Senator Boisvenu: From 2010 to 2015, the Conservative Party government passed many bills that imposed stricter sanctions on repeat offenders, child abusers, and sexual abusers. However, after the Liberal Party came to power, great changes have been made. And now it is too weak for criminals. For example, laws to protect female soldiers who have been violated have not yet been issued. If the Liberal Party continues to rule in the next five years, criminals will be very triumphant.

Qetesh: I am a victim of domestic violence and can only hide carefully, but my ex-husband is free. And I personally feel the secondary harm caused by legal flaws and injustice. The vulnerable victims felt very relieved to see you are standing forward.

Senator Boisvenu: Women who are victims of domestic violence can only face moving away, and this may cause losing their jobs and troubles for their children. The bill being advanced is to require domestic abusers to move away and to restrain them to protect vulnerable domestic abusers. When my daughter was murdered, I went to the prosecutor. I couldn’t get enough information, and was asked to remain silent. I even was told that the victim’s lawyer was the government. Then I realized that the government should give the victims and their lawyer more support.

Qetesh: Victims are more ignored than perpetrators, indicating that there are problems in the legal system and need to be improved.

Senator Boisvenu: In Canada, for every Canadian dollar that is given to the victim, the corresponding amount of Canadian dollar to the perpetrator is 9 Canadian dollars. Prisoners can receive education and psychological support in federal prisons, while victims only have one year of support. If a woman is raped, it needs more than one year of support. The support of the prison comes from the federal government, and the support of the victims comes from the provincial government. Some provincial governments have little support.

Qetesh: Do you think Canada is a democratic country?

Senator Boisvenu: If it is compared with the awful country, yes. But, if it is compared with the best, then it is not. In the year and a half since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Liberal government has performed abnormally. The government spends a lot of taxpayers’ money, but it’s not clear where it is going. Canada’s democratic system is sick.

Qetesh: Some GTV viewers have fled from the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, which is full of false propaganda and awful human rights. Will CCP reach out to Canada?

Senator Boisvenu: We are worried. If the CCP infiltrated Canada to do military research, it would be very dangerous. Trudeau seemed to admire the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist regime.

Qetesh: Trudeau did not want to admit the genocide in Xinjiang, but wanted to use the CCP virus epidemic to implement mailing votes. How to make Canada better?

Senator Boisvenu: Some senators are defending and will raise objections. The Conservative Party protects our interests and supports Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Please vote cautiously, because the CCP will manipulate it.

Qetesh: Do you think the CCP has penetrated Canada? Any advice?

Senator Boisvenu: Be cautious the next time you vote, because Trudeau’s different words and deeds are dangerous. Prime Minister Harper had stricter crime and financial policies at the time, but the media was harsh on him because he did not give the media sweetness, unlike Trudeau who gave the media 500 million Canadian dollars to avoid bankruptcy. We are all victims of the unrestrained money thrown by the current government.

Qetesh: There is no real media in Canada, only false propaganda.

Senator Boisvenu: Due to false media propaganda, 40% of Canadians plan to vote for Trudeau, the worst prime minister in history, even the next time they vote.

Qetesh: Trudeau said when he was in school that he would not enter politics in the future, but he broke his promise. He doesn’t know how to manage the country well.

Senator Boisvenu: He is like a puppet in front of the stage, someone instructed behind the Liberal Party to use the name of his father’s former prime minister “Trudeau” instead of looking at Justin Trudeau’s own abilities.

Qetesh: The Liberal Party wants to make people feel at risk and dare not help others. It only relies on the so-called assistance of the government.

Senator Boisvenu: Trudeau is too naive. Dealing with the CCP government one must not be naive but rather one needs to be very tough and direct!

In the past two years, Senator Boisvenu visited a shelter for battered women and interviewed more than one hundred women who were victims of domestic violence to gain insight into their needs. He is currently advancing the Domestic Violence Protection Act, which will allow judges to order people accused of domestic violence to wear electronic monitoring bracelets or participate in court treatment programs, such as domestic violence counseling, as part of their bail conditions.

Having a senator like him who is committed to protecting victims makes people feel that there is still hope for Canada. Finally, the host ended with “Take Down the CCP”, which is exciting!

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Video Link:

2021-05-27 Senator Boisvenu in solidarity with the Chinese community -GTV

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Thank you sir Senator Boisvenu🙏
We are in the same team, must win! Take Down The CCP!!!


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