05/26/2021 G-Translators Newsflash

News Summary:

1, CCTV Suspected of Instructing Marathon Victims To Take the Blame for the Organisers

2, Weak Consumption in Yangzhou, Xi’an, and Other Cities

3, Mainstream Media Acknowledged That the CCP Virus Came From the Wuhan Institute of Virology

4, “COVID-19 Virus Is a Biological Weapon” Theory Proliferates in India

5, Canadian Government Suspends Four Universities From Partnering With the Chinese Communist Party,Education Minister: We Are Concerned About the CCP, Not the Chinese People.

6, World’s Largest Surveillance Equipment Manufacturer Has a Long-Established Partnership With the Military in Communist China,Military-Civil Fusion of Great Concern to the U.S

GTV Link:https://gtv.org/video/id=60b34b65f6ff4b33fb958edd

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