【G Times】Is this delaying time for the Great Reset?

Author :Giselle

The Chinese Communist Party, Russia and India account for the majority of the global vaccine supplying. Although more than 333 million doses of vaccines have been produced, the United States has only exported about 3 million doses.

According to statistics of Bridge Consulting (Beijing), the Chinese Communist Party has sold 683 million doses of vaccines abroad until May 17.

Regarded as a competitor of China’s vaccine exports before, India has exported approximately 69 million doses of vaccine to nearly 100 countries.

Thought the Sputnik V corona vaccine is not available in some inland areas of Russia, there are millions doses of vaccine exported to the other countries. On May 17 President Biden announced that the U.S. will supply 80 million doses of vaccine to the other countries within six weeks.

President Biden described the vaccine as “weapons”. He said, “Just like the United States was the arm factory of the democratic countries during the World War II, our country will become the world’s vaccine factory in fight of the COVID-19”.

Observers think that the vaccine competition is actually the pursuit of these countries for their international status and influence.

Just because of this?

1. Behind vaccine diplomacy is the competition between big countries?

Using vaccine as a bargaining chip, the CCP intended to kidnap the other countries that are either lacking vaccines or unable to produce vaccines. Thus, they have to stand together with the CCP, which is the planning of CCP.

The low and middle-income countries are the targets of the CCP’s vaccine diplomacy. Among the 65 countries that the CCP has promised to provide them vaccines, 63 of them have participated in the CCP’s One-Belt-One-Road project. Such a plan is beneficial to the CCP’s global strategic development.

2. Why the world keep silence to the endanger of the vaccines?

These vaccines that currently being widely spread around the whole world have not completed the long-term research, neither through the animal,  nor through the human experiments and have not been fully approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are just the test products. In the last four months, more than 4,000 deaths have been caused by the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, while the total number of deaths by all the other vaccines is 1,500 during the past 10 years.

This indicates that the dominant society in not willing to end this virus pandemic at all, and the Great Reset plan organized by the evil group is still moving on. Biden administration is actually postponing the time. There are 330 million people in the United States, 130 million of them have been vaccinated, and which resulted in the percentage of 39%. The number of infections is 33.9 million, and the deaths are 600,000. The population will soon be less than half with the not infected virus and also not the vaccinated numbers.

The Great Reset can be completed when the normal people is forced to be vaccinated and accepted the vaccine passports. This can also explain why the Biden administration never mentioned the truth and origin of the virus, the harmful effects of the vaccines, or the therapeutic effects of hydroxychloroquine sulfate—because they are indeed delaying the time, and the world is still controlled by the dark force.

The placebo effect of vaccines in the normal people’s psychology?

When the normal people are caught in the panic caused by the virus, the ruling class will release some good news about the vaccines or even placebo to avoid social disturbances in the right timing.

If it is only for this purpose, why not directly use a safe and harmless placebo instead of using a vaccine with toxic effects? This is unreasonable.

The only explanation is that these vaccines are not so simple.

4. Why still not approve the cheap but effective hydroxychloroquine sulfate?

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is a safe and effective old drug combined with lower cost, mature technology and easier to spread. This conflicts with the interests of the darkness group. Therefore, they would prefer doing new research and produce new drugs with a higher price, rather than introduce or even depreciate the old drugs. They can acquire massive wealth from the virus and vaccines.

Why only we are appealing: cure the virus from the origin?

Numerous examples have proved that as long as the lie is big enough, then no one dares to doubt it. The dark forces just used this and released a big enough lie: the universe is the chessboard, and the sentients beings are the chess pieces, playing and controlling the common people.

Most people in the world have been deeply brainwashed by the mainstream media, and also by the political oligarchs that have been educated by the elite cultural since their childhood. The common people have lost their judgment from even the common sense.

They can design various types of their masks, and even promote a fashion trend, but they would never argue why they have to wear masks.

They believe that this hydroxychloroquine sulfate is toxic, although it has been used for more than 65 years and can be used by the pregnant women and babies.

Without any hesitation, they are willing to be vaccinated and to accept the vaccine passport, just because everyone around them does so.

Only the Whistle Blower Movement, the anti-brainwashed as well as the awaking people gathered every day to tell the whole world: take down the CCP, then the virus pandemic can be terminated and  the massacre can be stopped.

6. What is the purpose of this ridiculous vaccine conspiracy?

Vaccination in the mainland China has recently reached a crazy situation: about 100 million people have been vaccinated with domestic vaccines during the past 8 days.

What is the truth of the vaccines? What’s the impact of the vaccine on our human body? It needs time to verify. The mainstream society’s silence on the truth about the virus, the toxic effects of the vaccines, and the effectiveness of the hydroxychloroquine sulfate, etc., clearly indicate that the Great Reset is still in progress, and we must be vigilant.

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