Dr Limeng Yan on Newsmax: COVID-19 is Intentionally Released, People From NIH Admit Its Lab Origin

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Benny [00:00:01]: She had experience working in China during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the few brave people on the planet who has spoken out against the Chinese government for its response here, joining us now is the independent coronavirus expert. Dr. Limeng Yan, thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Yan [00:00:19]:  Thank you for having me.

Benny [00:00:23]: This must be a remarkable moment for you. Early on, a year ago, you were sounding the alarm about the origins of Covid and how it is probable, if not very, very possible, that this was an engineered virus from a lab. You were ripped off social media for saying that.  Anyone who posted your content was de-platformed and perhaps banned. And you were called “Pants on Fire” by PolitiFact. But, yet today, now everyone seems to be sounding like you, doctor, and questioning the Heart Institute of Virology and the origins of this virus. How does that feel?

Dr. Yan [00:01:06]: Actually, I know this day will come finally. I’m not sure, I mean, in the beginning when I started to expose all those things through Mr. Lude’s YouTube channel back last Jan. I am not sure whether I would see that day because I know this truth is a most thing that Chinese communist party government scared of and they will recruit all the power and the all what they can do to stop this information being known by the public. So I know there would be attacks no matter online or offline, and I know I’m in danger. But luckily now I say [unintelligible] and I think it goes very well. And I think people also so smart they realize the truth is a virus came from the lab in Wuhan and behind it is a whole Chinese government’s effort to make a nontraditional bioweapon to attack the world. Yeah, they were celebrating their trophy. You see that. But we will stop it. We won’t let them win.

Benny [00:02:16]: Incredible, incredible. People listening on our program are probably familiar with you. But for those who are not, can you give them a background on your work in China and why you have such authority to speak on this issue?

Dr. Yan [00:02:29]: Just briefly, because I was a virologist working at one of the WHO reference lab at the University of Hong Kong for over five years and my colleagues are top coronavirus experts in the world and they are the WHO core team members. So that’s why at the beginning of the outbreak, back to Dec 31, 2019, since the new pneumonia came out in Wuhan but Chinese government doesn’t allow any information come out. I was assigned to do a secret investigation to using my own network and to get information about this new virus happened in China and they want this information to be known to the world. But when the experts understood that there was so much, you know, basically from China government and they are scared. Also some of them involved into the study of this novel bioweapon so finally they suppressed my voice and they want me to be silent. If not, if I cross the red line, I would be disappeared. But as a MD., Medical doctor, and also a scientist, I realized, based on my experience and also the knowledge that I got, I know what it is. I know this is a novel bioweapon which may not make people die immediately at a very high rate, but it will destroy the society if you don’t control it in time. So that’s why finally I managed to deliver all this message out through Mr. Lude’s YouTube on 19th Jan which made China’s government scared because the backbone of this virus is from PLA and that they had to conduct all the measures, including admitting the human to human transmission, admitting their covering up and also finally locked down Wuhan.

Benny [00:04:34]: I’m not a doctor. I’m not a virologist. What you’re saying here, sounds absolutely horrifying. I’ve heard you say it before. You were just written off by our corporate media and medical establishment. But now many are coming to the conclusion that this needs to be studied and studied severely. Will they find this to be true or will they find when we get done with 90 days of research from our intelligence organizations here in America, will they come to this conclusion?

Dr. Yan [00:05:06]: I really hope they can come up with, reach a clear conclusion with 90 days. First, I have enough evidence, including scientific evidence and also intelligence evidence through my three published reports. And also I have a lot of other information. So now we also know that there is a PLA textbook, which clearly mentioned back to 2015 in an open way, I mean, to tell it as an open secret to the people there will be a novel bioweapon development based on coronavirus which can be looked like natural origin. The important thing is to deny, to spread the information once people realize it’s from the lab. So what we need to do is we need to collaborate with more and more scientists and professionals and together with our public to show the evidence, to show the people, let people understand this is really a bioweapon, the novel bioweapon, and unrestricted bioweapon made by PLA, not in one lab, not only the Wuhan Lab. They dedicated money and effort to develop it, to harm the whole world and it is intentionally released. And we need to show this evidence. We need to work together and we need to stop the pandemic as soon as possible and hold the Chinese government accountable.

Benny [00:06:45]: Very quickly, Doctor, last question, because we are out of time. Have you been contacted by American intelligence? Have you been contacted by anybody, NIH, by anyone who may be studying the coronavirus origins?

Dr. Yan [00:06:57]: Actually, I can tell you now, from the first day I came to the U.S., FBI, Homeland Security and other people started to contact me, and I do believe that they have collected this information and listening to my words, but I hope more people can do it. And also there are bioweapon experts, they believe my words on Corona virus, Dr. Navarro, and Mr. Bannon, all of these people, they try to help people understand what happened. There are many people work to promote this truth to the public, but we do need more people to get involved. And yes, people from NIH came to me. They were previously telling people that it is from nature and even try to rebuke me in New York Times or CNN. Now, they came to me, admit that this is lab-origined as well, and want my suggestion and I’m happy to provide my knowledge and the information to people whoever wants to know the truth.

Benny [00:08:03]: The truth is what we need now more than ever. And experts like yourself, people who are truly brave. You are truly brave. Doctor, thank you so much. We certainly support your research and your truth. Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Yan [00:08:18]: Thank you, Benny. All right.

Benny: You heard her. the FBI has contacted Dr. Limeng Yan.

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