Australian Chinese Stand Up Against Chinese Communist Party

Author: Rosa

Editor: XO酱

On May 30, 2020, members of Himalaya Australia went on the streets in six major Australian cities to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the New Federal State of China. The event is being broadcasted live to the world via

Himalaya Australia is part of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement. We are at the forefront of the efforts to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including exposing the truth of Covid-19, a bioweapon manufactured by the CCP’s military lab. We continue to tell the world that the CCP is an illegal regime and does not represent the Chinese people.

Our brothers and sisters come from from all over Australia in six cities, we join our arms in demonstrating our determination to fight back against the CCP’s tyranny.

The world is now 16 months into the Covid-19 pandemic caused by the CCP virus. On 19th January 2020, when the virus was just starting to break out in Wuhan, China, we were the only group that stood up and warned the world that this is a man-made virus that is capable of human-to-human transmission. The CCP has denied this for weeks, causing the virus to spread to the whole world.

We are very proud of the Australian government for its call to probe CCP for the true origin of the virus. Despite the threats of economic and trade retaliations from the CCP, the Australian government has not backed down.

If the CCP is truly innocent and has nothing to hide about this virus, why did the CCP try so hard to cover up and stop any investigation by international experts? Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing !

Today’s monumental event sends out a clear message to Australia and the world, that We The Chinese People are not equal to the CCP. The CCP does not represent us.

We will not stop until this tyrannical, evil Communist regime in China is taken down so that the world including Australia will be free from the CCP’s harm, and for freedom to return in China.

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11 months ago

Let’s not forget the Chinese diaspora who have emigrated to other countries, who, while not former citizens of China, very much identify themselves as Chinese in heritage and are as eager to see the end of the Communist abomination.

11 months ago

Australia Chinese stands up against the Chinese Communist Party

11 months ago

This is people’s voice.
That is
Take down the CCP
Not only for the Chinese people but also the world