Donation or Robbery

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A donation is a voluntary act of kindness by the giver to a grateful recipient. Both parties are gratified with this voluntary relationship and there is no place for coercion.

However, in an elementary school in the western part of Hunan province, the teachers rounded up those pupils who did not make a donation, took a video of the pupils in a group and then posted the video to the parents’ wechat group. They did this as a reminder to the parents to comply with an “order” from above to meet the donation target.

This behavior was a thinly disguised act of extortion by hurting the self-esteem of the pupils. This was no longer a donation. In the end, pupils felt humiliated and parents were infuriated. And of course the donation target was never met. An act of graciousness turned sour with everyone involved feeling hurt.

This is just another example how humanity is brought to its knees under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. Nobody gets the respect he deserves and everyone is used as a means to an end. Pupils who don’t earn money have fallen prey to boldfaced robbery.

Children are the future of the New Federal State of China. We must eliminate the CCP and return a healthy future to our children.

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