[Commentary] CCP State Media Mocks the Resignation of Hong Kong Civil Servants: Confusing the Concept and Advocating Allegiance

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Recently, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) state media NetEase published an article from Shangguan News, titled “Hong Kong Civil Servant with a Monthly Salary of HK$80,000 Resigns: How Can Patriotism and Allegiance to the HKSAR Government Be Wrong? The article was a response to the BBC’s report on May 5, “Under National Security Law, Hong Kong Civil Servants Face the Dilemma of Patriotism or Political Neutrality”. In this report, Ms. Leung, who has worked in the Hong Kong government for many years, recently resigned from her public position in protest of the government’s forcing civil servants to take an oath to “allegiance to the HKSAR government” in order to keep their jobs. The headline actually reflected the CCP’s ideology of materialism, it sounds logical to them that people should simply kowtow for money instead of faith. As in this case, HK$80,000 is a good salary that is 5 times of average income in HK.

If the editor of Shangguan News deliberately indicated the monthly salary of the resigned civil servant for the purpose of attracting attention, this would have a counterproductive effect. As a reader, I am even more curious, why would the civil servant still resign with such an attractive salary? Is there any special reason? What is the truth?

According to Wikipedia, Shangguan News (formerly known as Shanghai Watch) is a new media initiative and the official website of the Liberation Daily. Founded on May 16, 1941, Liberation Daily was a political and theoretical publication of the CCP during the Yan’an period. The current Liberation Daily was founded in Shanghai on May 28, 1949 as an organ of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CCP and is part of the Shanghai Press Group.

Within BBC’s report, Ms. Leung’s main concern is that HK civil servants are gradually losing their freedom of “political neutrality” and are becoming more and more biased and targeted in administration and law enforcement. In addition, there is a growing trend of tattling and mutual oversight in the civil service, which has the momentum of the infamous Cultural Revolution. In terms of law enforcement, Ms. Leung said, for example, that the Customs and Excise Department recently searched more than 20 stores and warehouses of the pro-democracy “Abu Thai Life Department Store”, under the charge of “incorrect printing of Chinese & English warning labels”. A male director was arrested and sentenced for one year jail time and a fine of HK$ 100,000. In terms of workplace ethos, recently there have been more than 10,000 tip-off cases in the civil service in HK, regarding commenting on social media platforms with different political expressions other than the CCP ideology, causing panics in the civil service community.

For decades, the CCP has been confusing the concept of party and country. In mainland China, ever since children with heartbeats in the wombs, the CCP regime has already started the idea implementation of “Patriotism”. But its unique “Patriotism” put the CCP in the priority before the country. In other words, people should be patriotic to the CCP, then the country, and the narratives supporting this are that the PRC would not exist without the CCP and 1.4 billion Chinese’s survival all thanks to the CCP. With this brainwash from birth throughout the entire education stages, the CCP wants people to believe if the CCP is gone China will be doomed, and so will be people in China. Hence, the CCP can use 1.4 billion Chinese as human shields to protect top cadres from being held accountable by the free world for the countless crimes it has committed. And all civil servants in the mainland have to be members of the CCP and take oath of allegiance to the CCP. In that case, any different political opinions other than the CCP’s ideology could be sentenced for treason with the most severe punishment .That is why it is copying this pattern to HK to achieve common ground in the civil service community while expelling the differences and replacing current democracy with totalitarianism in HK. 

However the majority Hongkongers who cherish democracy and freedom used their bold actions to resist the CCP’s totalitarian rule, just like Ms. Leung. One day they will expel communism from their beloved homeland and restore the vibrant HK as it was. 

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