January 28- 29, 2020. CCP Exterminator Miles Guo’s Crusade Against Communism

•WHO conceded mistake within 24 hrs, the US raised travel alert level.
•Another big gift: Hu Xijin wrote that the CIA created the virus.
•The real source of the epidemic.
•Xi Jinping met WHO’s Director-General and was in command of the fight against the epidemic.
•The situation of the Communist Party’s outbreak area and 4 points that Mr.Guo worries about. The officials command at home. Many people travel abroad then infect others, who are responsible?
•Massacre is still happening in Hongkong; Hongkong’s border still isn’t closed; the virus outbreak in Hongkong is “helpful” to solve the problems in Hongkong; the CCP asked the WHO to host its conference in Beijing.
•Authoritative overseas experts discuss the virus. The CCP had desired to get these coronaviruses at all costs,by fair means or foul.
•Someone in Wuhan’s P4 lab commented on various kinds of warfare.
•CCP objected when USA tried to label China as the most dangerous epidemic zone. The prerequisite for t “Three”.

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