The design of the Chinese Communist Party’s “H-20” has been revealed to resemble the US B2 stealth bomber

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New Tang Dynasty(NTD) Beijing time on May 25, 2021

The latest publication of a Communist Party military magazine has unveiled for the first time the design sketches of the “H-20”, a Chinese stealth bomber. In terms of appearance, the “H-20” is extremely similar to the US B2 stealth bomber, and the outside world doubts this again is a copycat.

“H-20” is a copycat?

According to a report by the South China Morning Post(SCMP) on May 25, the upcoming No.506 issue of Modern Weapon, the official military monthly magazine of the Communist Party of China, for the first time released four concept pictures of the “H-20”. The Chinese Communist Party has previously never disclosed details of the shape or design about “H-20”.

Citing Jon Grevatt- a jet fighter expert and Asia Pacitecific analyst, the article said that sketches of the “H-20” show that the design of aircraft appears to focus on “long range navigation” and “stealth reconnaissance and search operations” rather than “speed.”

The Chinese “H-20” is rumored to be built by the Xi ‘an Aircraft Industry Group, and from the design of drawings, it bears a strong resemblance to the US B2 stealth bomber. It is doubted by the outside world this fighter jet of the Chinese Communist Party is again a duplication. It is exceedingly rare that the sketches of the H-20” have been revealed, which are supposed to be military secrets.

Former US defense secretary: CCP copied US fighter jets

In fact, it has long been an open secret that the CCP copied US fighter jet technology. In October 2019, former U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper warned at the National Cyber Security Summit that was held by Department of Homeland Security that the Chinese Communist Party was committing “the largest theft of intellectual property in human history and the theft of the most sophisticated weapons technology in the United States.”

He argued that the Chinese J-20 is an example of technology derived from the U.S. stealth fighter F22, because of many striking and unexplained similarities between the two kinds of fighter jets. In addition, the Chinese J-31 fighter jet is also suspected of copying the US F-35.

Mr. Esper was blunt in saying that the Chinese Communist Party’s J-31 did not copy the F-35 sufficiently because its technology was too advanced.

A J-20 stealth fighter jet of the Chinese Communist Party from China’s air force performs at an air show in Zhuhai, in Guangdong province in southern China, Nov 11, 2018. The U.S. magazine Popular Mechanics reported that the J-20 was one of several aircraft designed using U.S. intelligence.

Australian Associated Press reported in January 2015 that Chinese spies stole 50 terabytes of confidential data from the United States about the F-35 stealth fighter. After the CCP obtained the data, it has applied it to the J-20 and J-31 fighter jets.

The J-31, the Chinese Communist Party’s second kind of stealth aircraft, was first unveiled in 2014 and bears a strong resemblance to the US military’s F-35.

Comment: H-20 is another example of Communist China stealing US technology, which is only a tip of the iceberg. Of course, the Chinese Communist Party would deny it as “purely coincidental”.  The Chinese Communist Party, however, for a long run, has practiced the intelligent property theft in all industries of the United States, such as Telecommunication, Data Communication, wind power generator, social applications, etc.. The mechanism of the CCP kills innovations of technologies, which results in the national level technology theft in the history. The only approach to prevent the large-scale IP and technology theft is to take down the CCP.

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