【G Times】Six Reasons for the Palestinian-Israeli Ceasefire

Author :Giselle

Palestine and Israel finally hit the pause button on May 20 after 11 days of conflict. The chaos began with Hamas launching rockets at Israel on the evening of May 10. In this round of attacks, Hamas launched more than 4,000 rockets and dispatched six drones.

Israel quickly initiated a counterattack, intercepting around 90% of Hamas’ rockets and destroying all six drones with their Iron Dome defence system.

Furthermore, Israel targeted Hamas’ 14 senior commanders and destroyed most of its military facilities, including their underground tunnel network used for hiding smuggled firearms.

Many nations called for a ceasefire to the battle. Even Hamas expected mercy. However, Israel initially seemed against a ceasefire.

So why did Israel agree to a truce on May 20? Is it because of the mediation by the United States and Egypt?

Not quite.

There are six main reasons behind the Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire:

1. Israel has almost achieved its goal to destroy Hamas’ underground tunnels and military intelligence building, while eliminating 14 senior Hamas commanders including Bathum Isha.

2. Israel understands the ceasefire does not mean letting the Hamas terrorists escape. So the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has quietly ordered the targeted killing of Hamas officials hidden in Iran, Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia.

3. The ceasefire allows Israel to recharge before taking on bigger enemies, like Iran and even the CCP, as these parties are Hamas’ puppet masters.

4. The timely ceasefire will stop other countries from being dragged into the conflict, thus preventing the situation in the Middle East from further deteriorating.

5. A ceasefire will lessen the threat to innocent citizens. Hamas arranged many military facilities in civilian areas and used citizens as human shields. If these innocent people were attacked or killed, Hamas and other actors like the CCP could manipulate the situation to imply Israel as responsible.

6. Finally, Israel took the opportunity offered by the mediation from the United States, France, Egypt and the other countries to agree to a ceasefire.

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