[Headline News] CDC Changes Testing Thresholds to Support “Vaccine Effectiveness”

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On May 21st, Zero Hedge reported that the CDC is changing their approach for data recording and COVID-19 testing in order to make experimental gene therapy “vaccines” look effective in preventing so-called diseases. The policy changes were announced on its website from late April to early May. Under the new policy, breakthrough infections after vaccination will be artificially driven down, while the old rules continue to inflate the number of unvaccinated cases. Through this manipulation, new cases of COVID in vaccinated individuals would be virtually eliminated.

 Photo source: Zero Hedge

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the large number of cases that have been confirmed was based on two key pieces of data: 1) the cycle threshold (CT) value of the PCR test, which can be manipulated by setting its cut-off value, and making it possible to cause many false positive test results and 2) the incredibly broad definition of “COVID-19 cases” adopted worldwide, which listed any person who tested positive as a “COVID-19 case,” even if they never showed any symptoms, thus leaving room for inflated case numbers. Now the CDC has issued changes regarding these two policies, which mean they no longer apply to people who have been vaccinated.

First, the CT value was artificially set lower when testing samples of suspected “breakthrough infections,” as evidenced by the CDC’s instructions to state health departments in late April to address “possible breakthrough infections. ” For cases with known RT-PCR cycle thresholds, it is only the specimens with CT values ≤28 that were submitted to the CDC for sequencing, while the ones with higher CT values were no longer sequenced. However, the fact is that setting CT values above 35 was the normal practice throughout the virus pandemic, with the laboratories around the world testing CT values in the 40s. But now, the CDC only accepts the samples ≤28 CT for sequencing, and only for fully vaccinated individuals. This is clearly a subjective and deliberate decision in order to bring down the number of “breakthrough infections” officially documented. Secondly, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “COVID cases.”

As stated on the CDC website:

“As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance. The previous case count was last updated on April 26, 2021 for the purpose of reference only and will not be updated in the future.”

This means that no symptoms or only mild symptoms will no longer be counted as “COVID cases”; however, this only counts if you have been vaccinated, which artificially reduces the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in people who have been vaccinated.

According to the new criteria for COVID cases as defined by the CDC, from now on unvaccinated people will be found to be “more likely” diagnosed with COVID-19 than vaccinated people. Obviously, a COVID case can be present or absent under the new testing criteria, depending only on how you measure it. Take these examples into account:

1. A person who has not been vaccinated. If he or she tested positive for COVID with 40 CT value of PCR, he or she would be officially confirmed as a “COVID case” even though he or she has no symptoms.

2. A person who has been vaccinated. If he or she tested positive for COVID with 28 CT value of PCR and were bedridden with a high fever for 6 weeks, it would not be a COVID case because he or she has not been admitted to the hospital and has not died.

3. A vaccinated person died after being hospitalized for several weeks with a high fever and respiratory problems. He or she tested positive for COVID with 29 CT value of PCR and would not be officially recognized as a COVID case either.

Apparently, the new policy for COVID testing made by the CDC is a double standard, i.e., the new testing standard is tailored for those who have been vaccinated, and only the specimens with CT values ≤28 will be sequenced, while the old rule is reserved for those who have not been vaccinated, (retaining the previous test method for COVID positive at 40 CT values of PCR). Therefore, the only possible outcome would be that the official records would show a much higher prevalence of “COVID cases” in the “unvaccinated population” than in the “vaccinated population”. This is a policy designed to continually inflate one number and systematically deflate the other one. Would there be a significant reduction in reported COVID cases if these new policies were the worldwide practice for testing “COVID cases” since December 2019?

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