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We measure the good and bad of fighters in arms, whether they are fighters in arms, based on one criterion alone – whether you really want to take down the CCP.

— Miles Guo February 12, 2020

We’ve actually been in the midst of an unrestricted war since I initiated the Whistleblower Movement. There are only two ways to deal with unrestricted warfare. One, you don’t get overtaken by your opponent, which means you don’t have to pay attention to him. The second, you overpower your opponent and destroy him.

— Miles Guo December 23, 2017

In the face of reality, there is no harm in thinking about things badly. If you naively think everything is good then your fall will be profound, and you will be disappointed.

— Miles Guo March 16, 2020

Destroying the CCP may happen in the next minute, or it may take us a lifetime. It’s not that easy to destroy them. But it is still easy to extinguish the CCP compared to the difficulty of eliminating the remnants in our hearts, the remnants in our minds, the remnants in the land of China, the pollution in the water and the earth – That is truly difficult.

— Miles Guo June 6, 2020

I hope that our fellow fighters will, in the future, eliminate the residual poison brought by the CCP. Everyone must have team spirit, everyone must have dedication, and also consider each other’s merits more.

— Miles Guo June 13, 2020

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