Taking down CCP by investigating the origin of the virus has waken up the whole US

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

You must have watched the interview of Dr. Limeng Yan by Fox yesterday,

The interview of our hero Angelscientist has shocked the world again

It was mentioned that she would be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Scientist Yan deserves more than a presidential medal.

When the truth about this coronavirus comes out,

people all over the world will realize that she is truly an angel sent from God

Many brave and righteous people have contributed to the production of the interview behind the scene

Every interview of her is the result of a battle, which happened over and over again between Fox’s senior management team and its major shareholders and stakeholders, including US government. I’m Not Joking

Now, every day, even every hour, the influence of taking down CCP by investigating the origin of the virus is rising like dry firewood catches fire

No one can stop it.  Because the virus was released by the CCP.

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