[May 25, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[May 25, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters. It’s May 25th.

Today, brother-7 did not send out Getter in the morning, but you saw me at noon — Hey Snow, what’s wrong with your feet, Snow? —I appeared on the G-News show as a juror. Then I went to the hearing. 

Yesterday I was busy and didn’t return home until about 11 p.m. Then I got up at 1 a.m. and remained busy until this morning. Last night some of our fellow fighters successfully escaped from the sea of ​​suffering in the mainland. And your brother-7 was busy helping them. After that, I took the time to attend the show at noon, and then I went to the hearing afterwards. Now I am back in Manhattan again because there are going to be two important meetings tomorrow. It will last from very early tomorrow morning until 8 p.m. 

I have been very, very busy these days. But I have had a wonderful time being busy. It is better than going to a marathon, and being frozen to death.

Think about the people who were frozen to death in the marathon event. The feeling of being frozen into a popsicle, right? For the people who are alive, the competition is nothing compared to that, even if you are tired. People, just think about the disabled, think about the people lying in the hospital, think about those coronavirus-infected people who were thrown into a crematorium alive. Think about those people who were infected with the virus, and were sent to mobile hospitals without even realizing what had happened. The little girl who was so pretty was cremated, and nobody could find her anymore.  

Watching the current situation of the past two days, how can I fall asleep? Europe is the land that has been thoroughly cultivated by the CCP, and it fell apart all at once. Now only Sissy Yang (Yang Jiechi) and Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remain to deceive “Nutty Xi” or “Emperor Xi” every day. Every day they tell Xi Jinping: “XXX in the world called again and wanted to meet you. I suggest that you don’t meet them at all, just say: not going to see you, reject, reject.”  Then when anyone wants to invest, just say, “This is too little money. We do not want, don’t want, don’t want.”

This situation is very serious now. It’s terrible. But this is the crisis of centralization. When power is centralized, you can do great things. You can also do hugely evil things. Because when you are manipulated by bad people, you are capable of anything. 

Such examples in history are too numerous to enumerate. The most recent one is Hitler, Mussolini, Japan’s Yamamoto Isoroku, right? Weren’t they all like this? Let’s not talk about it. Everybody knows this better than me.

But everyone has seen a core expectation. The biggest hope is to “take down the CCP with the truth of coronavirus.” Look at those attacks targeted at our scientist (Dr. Yan Li-Meng). That guy surnamed Tang, oops, look at him, what a dirty rat. What do you do? Are you a scientist? You say that this is “the result of a contest between the major powers in Sino-US relations.” Is it justified to make, and release the virus to kill so many people because of a contest between major powers? You also must know where the virus came from, even if it was because of a contest between major powers.  

What does it have to do with our scientist, you shameless thing? What does it have to do with our scientists? What do you masquerade as? You are not a scientist, are you? Do you understand science, life science, and epidemiology? Have you ever slept with someone who understands epidemiology? The scientist’s husband understands that science. The boss of her husband is one of the top three or top five coronavirus experts in the world. They work together, go to the office together, and she sleeps with her husband. Your shameless thing, look at your face. What do you say you do? Go on an Indian TV show and let them give you a slap in your face, you dirty bastard. A guy like you is even too low to be the CCP’s dog.

I haven’t talked to the scientist on the phone for many days. Just now, the scientist, Lude, and I talked on video. I said that the CCP’s dog was biting you. It’s a good thing as long as the CCP releases the dog to bite you. I told the scientist and Mr. Lude about 7 or 8 months ago, I said: “don’t worry, the CCP will eventually take action. When it moves, then you will receive state-level treatment, because the CCP uses national power against you. Well, aren’t you at the national level?” Have you thought about it? 

Look at the comments below. The whole world sympathizes with a little girl. She is so pretty, and her little fingers are so beautiful. Now she is skinny, and that thin face is beautiful. She really looks more and more like an angel. So, a person will look like who he/she is trying hard to be, you know? Look at the face of that guy surnamed Tang. Wow, a diamond-shaped face, that bastard. He even dared to talk about the politics of China and the United States on TV, saying that our scientist doesn’t understand science? This shameless thing. Everybody sympathizes with a weak woman.

The CCP has used both of its tricks now, right? As I said a few months ago, it would play a low-level game first to smear our scientist with false claims that she has mental problems, has no money, was kidnapped, and even has sex problems and mental problems, etc. All of these are not working. The scientist’s three reports have shown the world that this person not only has a normal sex life but also has a higher IQ than ordinary people. Look at her wisdom, what she said during the interview, look at her self-cultivation and calmness. If she is not an angel, then what is she? 

We have seen all kinds of people in the world.  Everybody can watch it on TV, right? The scientist’s high-level performance, the logic of her speech, is there a single word that is not respected? I don’t dare to watch the scientist’s show now. When I watched her program, my heart was in my mouth. My heart was pounding and almost came out from the throat. History can never be changed. The Lude Interview is definitely a benchmark for the future of social media. Our scientist has set the highest standards for the future of human science. There will be more and more scientists, wonderful interviews, and shocking evidence to awaken the intellectual and scientific circles in the world that have a real conscience. 

We must take down the CCP with the truth of the virus, destroy the CCP with the truth, and fight the CCP’s deception by revealing its own falsehood.

Everybody has seen that Europe is taking action all the time. Five or six of the 11 meetings of the European Parliament this week are all related to the CCP. The “best” buddy of the CCP is Belarus, right? How is it doing now? Regarding the reliance on technology, they deceive “Xi the one ruler, Xi the one pit” every day, saying that Israel is a strong technical backer to help us develop 6G. Israel also helps you develop 7G, right? What’s the result? You are falling out now, right? 

Not only this. Food! You look at what will happen to the food on which everyone depends. Old Mr. Yuan Longping is gone. And our fellow fighters behave very well now. You don’t scold Yuan Longping anymore. Don’t blame him. Why are you blaming him? He is a victim of the CCP, and he has done good deeds.

There is also Taiwan. The Taiwan issue will surely become the second most important step towards the death of the CCP. Watch it. Not only that, but the CCP also has created a virtual currency crisis. Who got screwed in the virtual currency crisis? The word is that it is not only in Northeast China and Dalian, not just in Harbin. During this virtual currency crisis in China, too many Chinese people believed the CCP and entered the crematorium.

So, heaven is taking down the CCP. God bless the new Federal State of China. My fellow fighters, not only that, but the fellow fighter who was rescued yesterday told me a lot of the suffering of the people within the police, procuratorate, and legal systems in China. Moreover, the CCP is conducting comprehensive screening and investigations into domestic scientists and engineering professionals in China. 

Today I will tell you a phenomenon that none of you can imagine. I hope that my fellow fighters will not be harmed. The CCP will register all engineers and all technicians specifically to restrict them from leaving China. In the future, engineers who write computer codes, those who understand high-end engineering technology, and architects will not be allowed to go abroad because they won’t return after leaving. In the future, it will be fully restricted. Through the national face recognition network and border control, they cannot go anywhere. From border control to city control, you cannot even travel from this city to that city. Just wait and see if you don’t believe me.

Hitler restricted all senior German intellectuals and professionals from going abroad until Hitler was eliminated. Now it will start in the CCP China right away. In addition, to cremate you, you have to be a good slave before you die. This is the CCP. Follow the CCP and walk straight into the crematorium. Just wait and see if you don’t believe it.

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