[Headline News] Hong Kong ETO Closed Its Taiwan Office

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On May 18, the Hong Kong government suddenly announced that the Hong Kong Economic Trade and Cultural Office in Taiwan would temporarily close with immediate effect.

The Hong Kong government said that Taiwan has damaged the relationship between Hong Kong and Taiwan, therefore the decision was made

On May 21, a spokesman of Hong Kong government accused Taiwan of repeatedly and violently interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs. It hurt Hong Kong-Taiwan relationship.

He said that Taiwan had provided support and assistance to Hong Kong’s protestors after the marches in 2019. Taiwan’s provocative actions are contrary to the original intention of promoting exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The spokesman said that the staffs of the Hong Kong ETO in Taiwan had also been intimidated by radicals in Taiwan, which had greatly affected exchanges between Hong Kong and Taiwan in various fields.

As it is difficult for ETO to understand Taiwan’s original intention, and it is difficult to protect the safety and rights of Hong Kong personnel in Taiwan, the Hong Kong government decided to temporarily close ETO, and all Hong Kong personnel have left Taiwan and returned to Hong Kong.

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