[Australia Frontline] Melbourne Warriors in Action – A few stories behind the photos

Translator: Xiao Hong Mao

Proofread: Janyvo

Image source: live photos from offline activity

Last Sunday was a rare sunny day.  This year, Melbourne has had a fair amount of rain, but it seems that God has always taken special care of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, as every offline activity we organized was blessed by the splendid sun. 

Although the early winter sun never seemed to rise high enough, our mood was sunnier than ever.  In addition to the weekly protest in front of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)’s Consulate that morning, Athena Farm also arranged an outing in the afternoon and followed by a team dinner to reward all the fellow fighters and strengthen our friendship.

Photo 1:  David Priest joined the team

David is the only non-Chinese warrior at Athena Farm.  He has already broadcasted more than twenty GTV shows on the Farm Channel exposing the evilness of the CCP.  He has lived in Taiwan in the past and is very fond of Chinese culture.  He has tweeted about the CCP’s bloody crackdown on June 4th, and also been involved in a lawsuit for his effort in opposing the “Belt and Road” agreement between the state of Victoria and the CCP.  Today, warrior David also brought along his daughter and joined our fellow fighters in chanting in high spirit:

——Who made the virus?  CCP !

——Who released the virus?  CCP!

——We want the truth!

Photo 2:  Warrior David interacted with the locals

The addition of warrior David certainly brought more dynamic to the latest offline activity.  Many local Australians approached us to ask questions and exchange their thoughts.  David took this opportunity to address all their concerns.  Our event was to inform the local Australian community that it was the insidious CCP that spread the virus to the world and poisoned the people worldwide.  The locals need to be alerted.  As a local Australian, David’s physical presence and his one-to-one dialogue made an extraordinary impact on that day.  The New Federal State of China is not for self-entertainment among the Chinese people, we need westerners with strong political influence like Bannon of the War room to stand with us, and we need people from all over the world to come together and join us. Melbourne Athena Farm needs to expand its influence in the local community, social and political circles.  This is the next step targeted by our offline activities.

Photo 3: The activity attracted a local who follows the Whistleblowers’ Movement

This gentleman was taking a leisure stroll with his morning coffee and the sound of our vigorous protest caught his attention.  I handed a brochure to him, and then warrior Xiao Hei Hei had quite a lengthy chat with him.

Q:  The blue flags you are holding, what organization does that represent?

A: The New Federal State of China.

Q: What’s your aim in protesting in front of the Chinese Consulate?

A:  We are exposing the truth about the CCP virus to the world.  We must also raise public awareness that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people.

This gentleman had lived in Hong Kong for ten years and his line of work was to provide financial guidance to Shenzhen companies going public.  He has dealt with many top corporate leaders and local government officials in China and speaks very fluent Chinese.  According to the information he has, the virus did not occur naturally and was either a laboratory leak or deliberate release.  He also participated in the local demonstrations during Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Movement, and hence had firsthand witness accounts of the suffering of the Hong Kong people.  Recently, his friends who worked in the financial industry there had all left Hong Kong one by one and returned home for good.  This is fully in line with Mr. Miles Guo’s assessment of the current situation in Hong Kong.  The CCP’s bogus economy in Hong Kong is about to bust soon.

Photo 4: Other highlights of the protest

In front of the CCP’s Consulate, the warriors recited four poems from the 64 essay contest, including Ching Wang’s “Sacrifice to the Red Devil”《祭红魔》 from Athena in Melbourne; DC Coach’s “Flowers of Freedom” 《自由的花朵》from DC Farm in Washington, D.C.; Jiu Mei’s “Pioneering Heaven and Earth”《辟天地》and “Take-down-the-CCP with a fierce loyalty” 《精忠灭共》from Starlight Farm in Houston.  These take-down-the-CCP poems boosted the morale of the fellow fighters, whilst slit into the very heart of the CCP.  Many warriors on the scene were also interviewed, and their voices would spread to every corner of the world through GTV.

Photo 5: Group dinner and outing

Following the protest in front of the CCP’s Consulate, all the warriors celebrated with a feast.  We gathered at a vineyard by the sea and surrounded by the mountain for a wine tasting, whilst the meaningful afternoon continued, the warriors seemed to have endless to talk about and catch up on.  Warrier Hao Ge predicted that the fall of the CCP regime will be around 2022, and Ms. Elizabeth showed us her latest GFashion sportswear she just received…  Even during that spare relaxing moment, the hardworking warrior Tian Yi Liang did not forget to do a live broadcast on GTV to share the pleasant scenery of Melbourne and the warriors’ radiant mood with other warriors all over the world

It seemed the night fell just too quickly, each warrior was still in high spirit and only wished to carry on more.  To live an affluent and dignified life is the goal pursued by the people of the New Federal State of China.  The participation of a non-Chinese warrior added a new spark to the event no doubt.   The offline activities in Melbourne will only get more robust and diversified.   Going forward, we hope to unite more “local warriors” to be part of our fighting force against the CCP, and further expand the influence of the New Federal State of China.  Everything is just the beginning!

(This article represents the personal views of the author, warriors Xiao Hei Hei and warriors Giselle contributed to this article)

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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