If Dr. Li-Meng Yan Cares About Rewards, Then She Would Not Have Saved Our World

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

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Mr. Miles Guo said in his Getter video post on May 22 that what Tucker Carlson, the top  Fox current affairs and news program anchor man said once again shocked the world. Tucker said that the US should give Dr. Li-Meng Yan the Presidential Medal of the United States. But if Dr. Yan cares about this medal, she would not be our heroic scientist, who saved us all and saved our world from the tyranny of the communist. Dr. Yan doesn’t care about fame things at all.

Mr. Miles said that our scientist was an angel, and she just wanted the world to know the truth so to save lives. If she cared about fame and fortune, she would have been defeated by the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) a long time ago. The Presidential Medal or the Nobel Prize are not worthy of her. When the truth about the new coronavirus is totally uncovered, there will be greater rewards for Dr. Yan.

With sincerity and bravery, as well as being a top-level virologist and epidemic prevention scientist, Dr. Yan perfectly demonstrates what an individual truly realizes the self-worth, which is called success by the world and at the same time, her action saves us now as well as our future.

Since January 19, 2020, Lude Media began to expose the truth of the virus based on the information provided by Dr. Yan urgently that the virus came from the CCP’s military laboratory, which Dr. Yan wrote 3 scientific reports to analyze in detail the unnatural properties of the virus, the mainstream media, Twitter, Facebook, etc., tried their best to suppress these truths. It was nearly a year and a half after the virus raged the world that the so-called scientific circles, such as Fauci began to acknowledge that he was not convinced the theory that the virus is a natural origin.

But this is a crime at the cost of millions of lives taken by the CCP virus worldwide.

This is at the cost that hundreds of millions of people suffering mental breakdown due to the infection the CCP virus or fear of it.

This is at the cost that world economy was fatally destroyed.

This is at the price of the freedom and human rights of people all over the world being deprived and heading towards tyranny.

DALE CARNEGIE said, “Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities.” Dr. Li-Meng Yan did exactly what those scientists and the world thought a mission impossible:

  • How many people could resist the CCP’s BGY and betray their conscience?
  • How many people dare to tell the truth they know from the point of science? They couldn’t even have the courage to remain silent and have to perform as the CCP’s puppet and parrot, such as WHO.

Yet the young female scientist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, if she chose to flatter the CCP for fame and money like them, the CCP had already edited the drama for Dr. Yan to become a Nobel Prize winner. Because the CCP tried to repeat the perfect lie of SARS once again with its biochemical weapon coronavirus. With its narrative of natural origin, it has also determined that the poor wild animal civet cat is to be the scapegoat, just as like the innocent bat for SARS in 2003, and the “great” scientist who discovered that civet cat is promised by the CCP to assign to Dr. Yan.

Dr. Yan told the world the truth about the virus, not for honor or fame, not for politics, but to prevent human beings from suffering the catastrophe caused by the coronavirus. When Dr. Yan told the truth, there were only 34 cases of infection reported in Wuhan, not far from the CCP’s military virology institute P4 lab. Dr. Yan said at that time that if we do not act quickly, soon one in seven people in the world may be infected. What a horror! In less than a year and a half, this has become today’s reality. For this truth, Dr. Yan lost her families, relatives and friends, she was forced to leave her hometown, but she never regretted it and was never scared by the world’s dark power nor the mainstream media. Dr. Yan said: I am not even afraid of the Chinese Communist Party. This is our heroic scientist. There is no human award worthy of Dr. Yan who saved our lives in the world. She is an angel. She has done what the world seemed to be the most improbable thing, just like the Whisteblower Movement, – with the truth and truth only that is depraving the super evil power CCP into its extermination doom at the speed of light.

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