Chengdu 49 Middle School student fell to his death, the public demanded the truth

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On May 9, 2021, a sophomore boy Lin Moumou, in Chengdu 49 Middle School, fell to his death from the faculty & staff building, and the police claimed that Lin Moumou died from a high fall, excluding the criminal case.

But a series of questions came to light. Why did the school deny Lin’s parents access to the school? Why was Lin’s remains sent directly to the crematorium without informing the parents? Why is a key video segment in the CCTV missing? What was Lin doing in the faculty & staff  building? Who asked him to go there? Why did Lin’s classmates collectively keep quiet? No one is talking about it? A series of questions all point in one direction: the school is covering up the truth!

The video shows a large number of parents and students gathering at the entrance of 49 Middle School, shouting “truth, truth”! The school dispatched security guards and clashed with the slogan-chanting parents.

With the fermentation of the incident, as the CCP’s usual way, they would probably find a scapegoat to calm the public’s anger. This is the state of life of the people under the CCP’s rule. The CCP neglects people’s life, and only cares about the interests of the dignitary. If such a regime is not destroyed, God forbid.

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