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Hcoin provides new payment processing solutions

Through a liquid, secure and low-cost trading platform, Hcoin is a cryptocurrency that provides solid transactions to solve legal problems and in turn provides solutions in payment processing that link merchants, goods and services.

In this part of the White Paper, it is clear that Hcoin is positioned as a payment system and is also an innovative solution for payment methods. Current cryptocurrency projects lack technology and financial strength, making it difficult to use them as a payment system, the most important thing is to obtain a “payment license”.

Specific solutions

  • Reduction of blocked funds: By improving the flow of funds, the objective of reducing blocked funds is achieved and their mobilization is facilitated.
  • Develop a broad global investment market: welcoming the different classes of assets in the markets around the world, including institutional and private individuals.
  • Improve the transparency and competitiveness of industries with private capital.
  • Improve availability of funds

Zhengqing said that from the solutions proposed in the white paper, it is known that the design of Hcoin revolves around how to become a payment system, which is also a commercial value.

Hcoin has become a credible means of payment, the number and methods of issuance are open and transparent

The maximum amount of Hcoin issuance is 100 billion and the maximum issuance will be 4 times a year. The annual limit allowed during any 12-month period is $ 1 billion (including any unissued amounts from the previous year).

Compared to legal currencies and other existing cryptocurrencies, in which the volume and the issuance methods used are variable and opaque. Those of Hcoin have already been specified in the White Paper, indicating that they will be open, transparent and controllable, which makes it a reliable system and a safe cryptocurrency.

Hcoin Introduces a Whole New Category of Digital Assets

Compared to the traditional model of limited partners (equity participation, private equity …), the digital asset class introduced by Hcoin will have a better risk and return profile. From the content and solutions described in the White Paper, it can be seen that Hcoin is positioned as a payment system. Hcoin’s introduction of digital asset categories shows that the system also has investment properties.

In traditional limited partner models, there is generally a lack of liquidity of funds before the company goes public. With the Hcoin system, the flow of funds will not be restricted and at the same time can achieve the purpose of investment projects.

Zhengqing further stated that the White Paper indicated that the introduction of digital asset categories can effectively build trust among investors and institutions. Although the blockchain is a decentralized structure, it is difficult to avoid the existence of centralized institutions and intermediaries in the overall operation. Thus, the Hcoin White Paper demonstrates the technical soundness of the overall team and the complete business logic, and fully encapsulates the consensus and trust between investors and institutions.

Structural considerations: credit points have nothing to do with credit

Credit points can only be used in the Himalaya Exchange or in the Himalaya ecosystem. Users may not be able to have encrypted assets or legal tender, but they can request to exchange credit points for encrypted assets that will be transferred directly to their external wallets.

Zhengqing explained: The Himalaya Exchange is a centralized exchange, and the numbers displayed on the account are the same as those found in the database. The user has the data corresponding to Hcoin, but these are deposited in the Himalaya Exchange. When the user requires an external transfer, Himalaya Exchange will transform the external transfer fee in the central database and will use blockchain encryption to transfer the data to other commercial platforms other than Himalaya Exchange.

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