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Himalaya Coin

Designed for the public, a truly open economy that is accessible to everyone is the issuing team, The New Federal State of China and people all over the world, all of whom can use Hcoin, a truly open economic system.

Hcoin breaks the current predicament of cryptocurrency and truly rebuilds the free trade system

Hcoin has advanced technical capabilities and a complete business ecosystem. It can achieve the real application of cryptocurrency in trading activities, and accomplish the function of fund storage and digital asset investment. Hcoin will subvert the nationalization of fiat money, return currency that is used in transactions to the market mechanism, break traditional banking and currency systems which are corrupt and lack transparency. Hcoin will accomplish “denationalization of fiat money” in a true meaning.

Hcoin has a full plan. The Himylaya economic system will provide users with an excellent user experience. Using cryptocurrency as a digital payment makes Hcoin separate from other existing cryptocurrency.

Himalaya economic system provides a dual currency system, stablecoins (HDollar) and cryptocurrencies (Hcoin) anchored to the US dollar, for users to choose flexibly. The Himalaya economic system makes the currency system to be denationalizing and market-oriented, and gives users the right to choose, highlighting that the design of the Himalaya economic system revolves around “users.”

Hcoin white paper follows the conventions of Bitcoin white paper

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin white paper, opening up the generation of cryptocurrencies. Since then, cryptocurrency projects involve financing, and it has become the practice of publishing white papers. Facebook also has a white paper that publishes Facebook coins.

Zhengqing said the purpose of the white paper are:

  1. The white paper shows the dedication of the development team. From his practical experience, the contents of the white paper is directly proportional to the development team’s efforts and expectations. Many projects, even the white papers are poorly produced and cannot be trusted by investors.
  2. You can see the overall picture, the technical approach and the purpose of the project from the white paper.

Zhengqing stated that Hcoin white paper was produced with great care and is definitely the top white paper in the industry. Compared with Facebook’s cryptocurrency projects and other white papers, the Hcoin white paper is more outstanding. In addition, the Hcoin white paper is rich in content and cannot be explained in a few hours.

The Key Points of The Cryptocurrency White Paper

  1. How to solve and meet market demand for commercial projects: In existing industries, whether it is encrypted currency or not, the existing problems in the industry mean that there is market demand, but the existing industry cannot meet this demand. Therefore, project development must try to meet the needs that cannot be met by the existing industry. (Solve problems and meet demands)
  2. Business model and commercial value: Blockchain projects mostly focus on solving encryption technical problems. Zhengqing said that these projects did not understand that the encryption technology of blockchain projects requires the overall integration of the industry. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain industry, the overall integration cannot be effectively carried out, and only partial integration can be accomplished.
    As a result, counterfeit products will appear in the block integration. (It is very important to reflect the business model in white paper, which affects whether the trust of investors can be obtained.)
  3. How to achieve the technology: The team has advanced technical capabilities and strong investors, which can show the strength from the overall commercial project.

Main advantages of Hcoin

  • Low cost, fast, and safe:
    Hcoin focuses on the current wire transfer method, which is expensive and time-consuming. However Zhengqing analyzes the current business model and habits, there are still difficulties in the implementation of cryptocurrency payment methods. (For example, small payments and high payments, the seller cannot confirm the payment immediately, resulting in a low willingness to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment.)
  • Alternative payment methods for fiat currencies
  • Value protection of currency:
    Hcoin issuance policies have been stated in the white paper involving issuance method and specific quantity. Hcoin cannot manipulate the issuance volume like traditional legal currency.
  • Transparency and security:
    Hcoin issuance policies in the white paper are clear, and the public can fully understand it.
  • High liquidity:
    The current cryptocurrency projects are not open and transparent, and the proportion of the real number in the market is very low, and the liquidity is extremely low. As a future payment system, Hcoin is essential to maintain high liquidity.

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