What Actions the U.S. Taking Will Be Truly Effective and Fatal to the Chinese Communist Party(the CCP)?

How has the CCP used its huge members to kidnap the world into a war of complete self-destruction?

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: Ranting

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In the live broadcast on May 16th, Mr. Miles Guo revealed the CCP’s vicious conspiracy that people would not have imagined in response to the U.S. refusal of visas for the CCP officials and their families. Here’s what Miles says:

“If the extermination of 300 million CCP members and their families is turned into action, then it is not to exterminate the CCP, but to exterminate China and the Chinese! More than 300 million people, which is basically the number of people killed in the past 100 years of mankind in the wars or carnages of political movements.

What would you achieve to kill all these 300 million? Do you think all of these 300 million people deserve this punishment? Doesn’t it include your classmates, your families, your colleagues? Doesn’t it include the people I saw (in my prison time), who cried when the June 4th(1989 Tiananmen massacre) heroes were shot to death  because they knew it’s wrong?

Will the killing solve the problem? Can this kind of hatred solve the problem of extermination of the CCP? After killing 300 million people, do you think that China will still exist? Dare you really kill them all? And that will exactly fall into the trap of the CCP as it is exactly the outcome the CCP wants: you can’t kill them all, you don’t dare to kill, you don’t dare to lock them all up, or even you don’t dare to think that way. The CCP kidnapped the elites of the entire Chinese society! It is the sinister tactic of the CCP to kidnap the elites of the whole society!

It is the time bomb the CCP wanted most since an elite of hundreds of millions in the Chinese society means if you are to annihilate the CCP, you will have annihilate the race of Chinese and annihilate this country. If you are to destroy the CCP, it would cause social turmoil, and there will even be a war of complete destruction for mankind. This is the truly evil of the CCP. It is to make us hate each other and make us kill each other.

I’d like to ask the Americans: aren’t there any better actions than rejecting visas for Chinese officials and their families) to combat the CCP?

  • Americans and Europeans can seize all the illegal assets of the CCP members in the United States and the West, which is easier than (refusal of visa), isn’t it? It’s very easy, why not do it?
  • Americans could have immediately announced that they would not recognize the CCP as legal government after the massacre of June 4th. Why didn’t you do it?
  • Should the Americans declare that no technology companies can cooperate with the CCP, do you think there is still technology thefts or the firewalls still exist?
  • The United States can completely delist the CCP’s three major telecommunications companies, right?
  • Why not forbit the top 11 U.S. space companies cooperating with the CCP till today?
  • It is common practice that the same rules applied to all parties and the same diplomatic power are respected equally. Say you give me one and I give you one in return. The CCP can ban and block the use of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, why can’t the US block the CCP China’s Internet?
  • The United States can kick out the CCP’s currency RMB system out of the US dollar system from Swift, doesn’t it more lethal to the CCP? Why doesn’t the United States do it?

Any one action above will be faster to extinct the CCP than the so-called restriction of CCP members and the schooling of their children, and will be more effectively combat the CCP’s momentum. To be precise, to simply target the members and families of the CCP is more catastrophe than the severance of diplomatic relations between China and the U.S.”

The wisdom of Mr. Miles Guo will not only make his fellow Chinese understand that we cannot fall the same fate as evil CCP just to satisfy a pleasure of revenge for a short while because hatred cannot be traded for a free and democratic New Federal State of China, and his wisdom will also prevent the mankind from entering a war of self-destruction while eradicating the CCP, the root of world most evil power.

Links of Miles live broadcasting May 16 (from section 50 min – 58min):

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