[Headline News] EU and US Cooperate To Hold China Accountable For Its “Trade-Distorting Policies”

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Reuters reported that the United States and the European Union issued a joint statement on May 17. The statement said that the two sides could cooperate in order to “hold countries like China that support distorting trade policies accountable.” The statement was signed by U.S. Trade Representative David Deitch, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and EU Executive Committee Vice President Dombrowski.

Picture source: WSJ

At the same time, the statement also announced: the United States and Europe will begin discussions to solve the global steel and aluminum overcapacity problem.

This brief statement indicates that the U.S. and the EU will work together to face the pressure from CCP. They will take more initiatives, unite closely and better respond to the trade pressure from the CCP.

During the G7 Summit , the U.S. has formed a broad alliance with the EU ,Japan and Canada to jointly confront the CCP that are breaking the world rules. This latest joint statement is a follow up. taking the loose alliance and further implementing it into a variety of related and practical matters.

The statement, for the first time, especially emphasizes holding the CCP accountable for its “trade-distorting policies”. Simply put, the CCP must pay the price, take its responsibility, and make reparations for its breaking of world trade rules.

Reference: https://cn.reuters.com/article/eu-us-china-trade-0517-idCNKCS2CY14G?il=0

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