[Headline News]Dr. Sellin’s Tweets Show The Truth Of the CCP Virus(19)

By MOS Translator Group – Tang777; MOS Writing Group – Xiaoxin

On May 11, Dr. Sellin tweeted his first tweet, which was a retweet from “George _Anti CCP Jiang Ziya” that says “Wenjie Tan’s project 2016YFD0500300 is huge, and there are many hospitals and research institutes involved. Ningyi Jin and Guan Yi both have participated in this project. Malik Peiris and Wenjie Tan’s connections also show that Malik Peiris was part of the project. “George _Anti CCP Jiang Ziya” posted the mid-term review of this project in 2018, and the project status meeting in 2019 on China CDC Viral Disease Prevention and Control Institute website.

The second tweet, which was a retweet from TIMES NOW, India’s most-watched English-language news channel, shows that the CCP had conspired to weaponize COVID-19 as early as 2015. This is also implied by the US reports. The Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan had to speak out about the truth of the CCP’s bioweapon plan. This tweet posted a video of Dr. Yan being interviewed by Time Now media. The most important now is the deliberate and evil cover-up of Covid-19’s origin, not just by the CCP and WHO, but also by governments, mainstream media and especially U.S. scientists. Dr.Yan names them complicities and labels them all “CCP scientists.”

The third tweet was an initial list of suspected “CCP scientists” who either helped developing the COVID-19 virus or helped covering up the truth about its origin. Dr. Sellin commented that the investigation has started, and feel free to add different clues related to this topic and post these suspected “CCP scientists ” in this photo gallery. Suspected CCP scientists are: Antony Fauci,Peter Daszak, Trevor  Bedford, Kristian Anderson, Ralph Baric, Ian Lipkin, Stanley Perlman, Aravinda Chakravarti, Rita Colwell, Linda Saif, Marion Koopmans, Fang Li, Linfa Wang, Edward Holmes and Malik Peiris, Ian Lipkin, Marion Koopmans, and Edward Holmes. Their images are coming out to face the world.

The fourth tweet was a retweet from “Huolai No. 2”, which says “this is a small part of the virus development network”. Photos of CCP virus scientists Chuan Qin, Zhiwei Chen (AMMS), Guoyong Yuan, Malik, Wenjie Tan, etc were posted. They were associated with their jointly published paper. The CCP virus was made in the lab, and now we need to clearly identify the people involved.

 The fifth tweet which was a retweet from “Honey Badger”, which says “as early as 2012, Dezhong Xu had a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the theory of “contemporary genetic weapons”.  What was the purpose of these presentations? Who were the attendees in 2012? What projects were they preparing? ”He also posted a screenshot of a slideshow which was introducing “contemporary genetic weapons” at that time. This is definitely an explosive disclosure from “Honey Badger” about the CCP-PLA biological warfare program (Dezhong Xu is being exposed to the world).

The 6th tweet was a tweet in Chinese, which says “Join Colonel Sellin’s COVID-19 detective team to fight for a free China and take down the CCP.” Dr.Sellin posted a picture of four American soldiers under the flag of the New Federal State of China. The four American soldiers are three generals from World War II: Stilwell, Chennault and Doolittle, and Colonel Sellin himself.

The seventh tweet was Joe Hoft’s article ” The Massive Infiltration of U.S. Virus Research by China’s Military”, which was published on Gateway Pundit. Dr.Sellin commented “SHOCK REPORT: General Ningyi Jin of the PLA Military Veterinary Research Institute, Changchun has successfully infiltrated a critical U.S. Department of Defense-funded virus research center with a biosafety level 4 containment facility.”

The eighth tweet was a retweet from “Huo Lai No. 2”, which says “sir, this is a serious issue.” “Huo Lai No. 2” tweeted with screenshot of Francis S. Collins’s twitter post on June 25, 2015. Francis S. Collins is the director of NIH. Dr.Collins’s tweet says “Glad to meet with CAMS President Xuetao Cao to discuss multiple areas of health collaboration between NIH and CAMS.”

From the timeline, it is more and more obvious that the concept of the COVID-19 biological warfare program is solid and that the origin of COVID-19 is linked to CCP owned CAMS. The biological warfare started with carefully designed strategies, planning and teamwork, experimental implementation. Then The CCP started to gradually infiltrating step-by-step, binding in and kidnapping the United States to join the program. As early as 2012, Dezhong Xu and Li Feng published a book named “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Human-made”. In 2012, Dezhong Xu and Feng Li published another book entitled “Atypical Pneumonia Unnatural Origins of SARS and Human-Controlled New Species of Virus Genetic Weapons”, which laid the theoretical foundation for “contemporary genetic weapons”.

[The Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) of the PLA Academy of Military Science is a Chinese military medical research institute.]

The Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) of the PLA Academy of Military Science is a Chinese military medical research institute.

[The Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS) of the PLA Academy of Military Science is a Chinese military medical research institute.]

In 2015, the CCP had already conspired to weaponize COVID-19, and on June 25 of that year, Francis S. Collins, then director of the NIH, and Major General Xuetao Cao, director of the Center for Immunotherapy at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), met each other to discuss how to cooperate in many aspects between the NIH and CAMS. 

In 2016, the COVID-19 Biological Warfare Program’s key project, the 2016YFD0500300 was formally established.A host of top virologists in the CCP and around the world,including Ningyi Jin, Guan Yi, and Malik Peiris, were intentionally, directly or indirectly involved in this project.

CCP-PLA’s infiltration into the world, especially the U.S. has been stunning and tragic, covering all aspects, including governments, the military, Congress, universities, research institutions and the media, especially U.S. scientists. The U.S., the lighthouse of science realm, lost its dignity and prestige under CCP’s BGY and 3F tactics, which either helped CCP developing the COVID-19 virus or helped CCP covering up the truth of its origin. What is particularly shocking is the fact that a critical P4 laboratory (The University of Texas Medical Branch, UTMB), funded by the US Department of Defense, has been thoroughly infiltrated by General Ningyi Jin and his team at the PLA Military Veterinary Research Institute. That is to say, the U.S. is, at this very moment, working intensively with CCP-PLA-AMMS on virus research!

The most important thing at the moment is to identify the persons involved in the unrestricted biological warfare as soon as possible. Dr. Sellin, as a military colonel, sent out heroic posts to the world again. Fellow Chinese, join Dr. Sellin and become the CCP virus detective force. Let’s take down the CCP, and save the world!

Author: New York Himalaya MOS Informational Dep. 6Zero4

Editor: Eglise Bell, Xiaoxin | Posted By: Xiaoxin

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