【Australia Frontline】Actions in Melbourne by our Fellow fighters

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Proofreader:Xiao Hong Mao

Image Source: Live Photos

On Sunday, May 16, the highest temperature in Melbourne on a winter day, was only 15 degrees. However, our fellow fighters were not affected by the weather at all.The ground activities organized by Melbourne Athena Farm is well into its fifth week. Making new ideas and creativity in each activity requires the brainstorming of the fellow fighters. This time, we had added some new elements to the event.

I have participated in several ground activities since last September. The following photos document a memorable experience for me.

Photo One: Himalaya Australia Sydney Farm ground activity in September 2020: community brochure distribution

Photo Two:  Melbourne Athena Farm ground activity on May 16, 2021: community posting of brochures.

I am now a member of Melbourne Athena Farm. The only thing that has changed is the membership affiliation, but the will to take down the CCP remains the same.

Australia and New Zealand comrades enthusiastically attended several ground activities organized by Melbourne Athena Farm without distinction. Also, I met many old friends from Himalaya Australia Sydney Farm again. It is grateful to have the Whistleblower’s Movement uniting the Chinese people worldwide.

Photo Three: Ready to go

The gathering place for fellow fighters in Melbourne is a famous cathedral – the Anglican St. John’s Cathedral. Although the early winter is getting colder, both sides of the road are still green. The fellow fighters who arrived first were all in high spirits and ready to go as the heptagram flag was flying high.

Photo Four: Live interview

Tian Yi Liang and English teacher Elizabeth are two hosts on the site today. Tian Yi Liang interviewed Wangdang warrior, who formerly a private entrepreneur of communist China. Wangdang warrior was persecuted by the Chinese Communist government in 2017 and had no choice but to take refuge in the southern hemisphere. His company was forcibly demolished overnight, hundreds of employees were laid off, and his personal wealth ceased to exist.

It is a pity that there is a problem with the interview microphone at the scene today, otherwise, Wangdang warrior would certainly have full anger to spew at the evil CCP. Elizabeth, who teaches English professionally at GTV, is also interacting with fellow fighters.

Photo Five: Take Down the CCP by Music, and by Joy (screenshot of Athena live video)

Led by the female “James Bond”, we sang “Take Down The CCP” and marched along the side of the road to the light melody of the Communist Party of Extinction, waving the blue flag of the New Federal State of China, attracting the attention of countless passing cars and pedestrians.

Today, I noticed that many passing drivers slowed down, honked their horns rhythmically, gave thumbs up to our Fellow fighters more often than ever before. The passing pedestrians also gave us a lot of encouragement.

The fellow fighters feel very relieved that our perseverance is letting more and more Australians know that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people in Australia.

The shout from the scene of each activity is the heartfelt voice of fellow fighters.


Take down the CCP is the demand for Justice!

Drop your gun, Surrender to Freedom!

Stop sinning, Purify your spirit!

Today, we also recited a very powerful diatribe against the CCP, “. It is a Sacrifice to the Red Devil,” by the Athena Farm Qingmeng Warrior. I was struck by the ending phrase.

The Whistleblower’s Movement, the New Federal State of China (NFSC)

Justice Alliance, the trumpet blows.

Global pursuit of accountability, together with the plague party.

Ten thousand Buddhas and ten thousand Gods, bless our China

The evil is scattered, the righteous is uniting!

Today’s poetry reading, take down the CCP by the music and with joy made us tireless. When the ground activity came to an end, everyone felt not enough.

One might ask, what is the point of going to the same place to shout slogans and demonstrate repeatedly? And your numbers are small with limited influence. The Chinese Communist Party only has to play deaf and dumb, so what is the meaning of your activities?

In fact, Xiang Cao Shan Farm in the U.S. East is our role model. For nearly 30 days, they have been demonstrating in front of the SEC, which means a lot! We need to let the world know – we are the people from the New Federal State of China, the Chinese Communist Party does not represent us, and the world needs to hear our voice.

Action, Action, Action!

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