[Headline News] BT Begins to Rip and Replace Huawei 5G

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Bloomberg reports that the removal of 5G telecom’s equipment from Communist China’s Huawei began in the UK, with work just starting in the city of Hull. According to the report, Hull will be the first British city to achieve “zero” critical Huawei equipment, and it will phase out all Huawei equipment in the city in favor of Nokia equipment by July.

The UK government has also confirmed that not only will Huawei’s recently installed 5G equipment need to be removed, but also Huawei’s ubiquitous 4G base stations in the UK. Huawei has not only lost the 5G market in the UK, but also the old 4G market, which means Huawei will say goodbye to the UK market altogether.

So after France dismantled and phased out Huawei equipment in March, now another European country has dismantled Huawei equipment. This is another victory for the U.S. government after several years of lobbying efforts.

A few years ago, the U.S. government pointed out to EU countries that Huawei telecom equipment was actually spy equipment installed by the Chinese Communist Party to collect intelligence and transmit it back to China. But the EU countries apparently did not believe the US government at that time, but after several years of verification, France and the UK started to remove the Huawei equipment that had already been installed. Obviously, these two governments discovered enough evidence and decided to stand with the US in spite of the cost of changing the network.

This is another defeat for Huawei in the European market. The telecom equipment market in the UK and France has been one of the most important markets for Huawei in Europe, and they have provided important support for Huawei to be able to gain a foothold in the European market. The successive removal of Huawei equipment in France and the UK will sound the death knell for Huawei in the European market.

The UK and France joined Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G and 4G equipment networks, and with Ericsson and Nokia’s original European markets, Huawei’s elimination from the EU has become a foregone conclusion. Because Huawei’s 5G devices and 4G devices are not compatible with those of Ericsson and Nokia, other countries are bound to follow for the sake of the development needs of the EU market, and the unity of the EU market. As a result of the removal of Huawei equipment in France and the UK, Huawei lost not only the market of one or two countries, but also will lose the entire EU market in the future.

As the largest intelligence-gathering spy company of the Communist Party of China overseas, Huawei’s defeat is tantamount to the Communist Party of China: not only suffering heavy economic losses in the market, but also losing the Communist Party of China’s long-established intelligence network in Europe.

 A huge, big victory for U.S. Make America great again!

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