【Lude】U.S. Stops Issuing Visas to the CCP Ministry of Public Security

Video Extraction : Himalaya Taiwan – Wende
Chinese: Himalaya LA (USA) – Yushangxiqiaoke
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA) – Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA (USA) Yaxiangdierxiwan


That is definitely true in China, from different classes of people. As long as you spent time in the Ministry of Public Security. Ministry of Public Security has too kinds of people. One is on staff . Another type is more secretive. We are talking about special agents or the ones not on the list. Just think about it. Unlisted people can still have their kids go to the US freely. While the ones on the list cannot, with the comparison, what does it feel like. This is a psychological trick, among the staff of the ministry of public security.

Some of the local police department or front liners may think while. You see, luckily, I am not listed there. I am not the head. This is better than my superiors. The kids of the leaders cannot go, but not mine. Also, these kids who stayed in the mainland may contact the ones overseas. For instance, they went back recently, although they claim China better during their stay in the US. Once they are denied going back to the US. I can tell you. The kids and spouses of these people, they will be scared and panic. More importantly, this is only the US. Very soon, EU will follow, so is Japan and Australia. All the VISAs will be stopped, just like you noticed the classes of the VISAs. Tourist VISAs will be stopped, let alone student VISAs. Not even tourist VISAs, right?

This basically, cut off the backup plans of these guys, what is that. It’s like trap you into this cage, once this is done. Once they introduce this uncertainty, you guys will have to fight among yourselves. Envoy from inside, these three departments used to get jealous from all other departments. National Supervisory department, national security department, and ministry of public security, right? Your dad got a better position, even when my old man is mayor. He still owe respect to your dad because he work in one of these three departments. Even just a little guy from the three powerful departments can look down upon us. Now, you see this uncertainty get introduced into it. This is a deadly move.

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