Europe Short News relay comment–European Union held a video summit with India

Author: Enzo20 Leaves

(1) The European Union held a video summit with India on Saturday, announcing the resumption of the 8-year stalled Europe-India free trade talks.
The simplest interpretation of this announcement is that Europe and India will join hands and leave China alone. This is a valid view, but regardless of the relationship between Europe and China, the general direction of EU diplomacy in recent years has been to strengthen ties with other Asian powers/economies.

(2) BioNTech has established its first Asian presence in Singapore, setting up the company’s Southeast Asia regional headquarters, and will set up a factory to produce mRNA vaccines, with production expected to begin in 2023.

(3) Under the epidemic, the castle of Count Dracula, a blood-sucking zombie in Romania, has also become less visited by tourists. This month, they are offering a “free visit with vaccination” package, which provides free vaccination with the #COVID19 vaccine on designated days, and a free visit to an exhibition introducing the torture instruments of the Middle Ages in the castle.

(4) Another letter in France, signed by a number of serving soldiers, calls for a response to Islamism in the country, or else the country will be plunged into civil war.

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