【LUDE】What does Fauci Hearing Mean for the Nationwide Fermentation?

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In this interview, basically speaking. There’s no need to talk again the gain of function coming from a laboratory. That’s 100% solid, right? Now we are discussing if Fauci intentionally gave it money or the CCP took advantage of this loophole or Fauci was still (giving money) on purpose even knowing this was a loophole and it’s interesting. The third point is that if Peter Daszak will throw it out next. Fourth, more importantly, the whole world thinks that this is gain of function experiment. Who did the gain of function experiment. To put it bluntly, this is an absolute crime against humanity. Second, what is more important is that who approved it is also guilty. So now it’s like the moment before the Tokyo trial and before the Nuremberg trial

At that time, Tojo Hideki said that the massacre of Japanese soldiers had nothing to do with him. He only represented the Ministry of the army. But the reason why he was sentenced to death later, because he clearly knew that the Japanese army was in the holocaust. Especially these places, he knew, but he didn’t stand up to stop them.

So now, Tucker Carlson was taking yesterday’s question one step ahead. That is, whether or not Fauci knew about this loophole. Because this loophole is on the hand of Peter Daszak. Since he said that he used an intermediate secondary agent to give the money out. If Peter Daszak stands up and says that Fauci knew. He knew that our money was for the gain of function experiment. If Peter said that Fauci didn’t know, and I also didn’t know that the CCP was doing this. Then frankly, this is CCP’s own business, so this is my point of view.

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