COVID19: response to six-year-old home alone with deceased grandpa

The news about a six-year-old boy spending three days with his deceased grandpa at home during COVID-19 lockdown has generated lots of outcries. The Chinese government responded to this incidence. The good news is that the boy’s parents working in another city are on their way to pick him up according to China Daily.

China State Media: Ministry seeks to help seniors, children living alone

The Ministry of Civil Affairs urged local branches to make sure all urban seniors living alone and left-behind children who are quarantined at home are taken care of during the novel coronavirus epidemic.

At a video conference organized by the ministry on Wednesday, local civil affairs departments were asked to check on the health and pay regular visits to the seniors and children as well as orphans and children living in poor financial conditions. Support including subsidies must be provided to these groups when necessary, it said.

The ministry also asked retirement homes and orphanages to continue their stringent closed-off management.

A 6-year-old child was found staying at home alone while his grandfather in his 70s died at home in Shiyan city, Hubei province, when social workers visited them on Monday.

The boy didn’t go out to seek help because the grandfather told him there were viruses outside. The boy’s parents who work outside of Hubei are on their way home to pick up the boy, Beijing News reported on Wednesday.

The boy was under care by volunteers.

Lockdown communication via social APPs poses challenges for senior citizens who do not use APPs

During lockdown, most of the communications are done via social APPs like WeChat. Senior citizens who do not use those APPs will not be able to keep in touch with neighbors or communities.

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