Gaslighting – From a High School Incident to Examine the PRC’s Censorship

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This was a heart-breaking Mother’s Day!

Late in the evening on May 9th, 2 hours after the 16-year-old Wei-Lin Lin fell from the school building, his mother received the bad news through a phone call from the school.

Wei-Lin was a grade 11 student of Chengdu No. 49 High School which is a popular boarding school in Sichuan Province. According to his mom who sent her son back to the school on Sunday afternoon, Wei-Lin did not seem to be emotional or troubled by anything. Lin’s mother said that her son was usually cheerful and this was confirmed by his classmates.

Wei-Lin’s helpless mother went to the school to request the details about her son but no response from the school. Without any other options, Wei-Lin’s mother made the matter public on Weibo, a Chinese social media, which immediately attracted the attention of netizens, and the demand for the truth to be announced grew louder.

On May 10, the second day, the school released the surveillance video under pressure; however, as expected, the one-hour video of the incident disappeared! Finally, on May 14, five days later, the People’s Daily, not the police, published a fussy and unclear picture to “prove” that Wei-Lin had committed suicide. Still, the clip of the time of the incident vanished from the school’s surveillance video. After netizens’ waves of questions, on May 15th, the police released a so-called surveillance video. But “Wei-Lin’ shown in the video was either with the mask on or from his back. The police said that the investigation result showed Wei-Lin committed suicide and his parents have accepted it.

To find out the details of this incident is not the purpose of this article. The entire story reminds us of Dr. Wen-Liang Li who tried to blow the whistle about the outbreak of “SARS-like” infections in the hospital at the beginning of the Pandemic. After trying to warn his colleagues, he was detained and questioned by the police. In order to be released, Dr. Li was forced to sign a paper to apologize for his “mistakes” and promise not to spread “the false information” again.

We are wondering whether something similar happened to Wei-Lin’s parents because his parents disappeared from the Internet after 2 days of his death. From those who understand how the CCP controls speech, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) often uses the people, like close friends, relatives, co-workers, and supervisors, to gaslight the person involved, in this case, Wei-Lin’s parents, and the media to spread any narratives that the CCP determined, no matter whether it is true or not. These efforts often make the persons involved start to disbelieve and doubt themselves, lose the will to fight, and be frightened and avoid life-threatening troubles. Wei-Lin’s parents disappeared from any communication platforms after 2 days of fighting for the truth of his son’s death. Isn’t it obvious what has happened to them?

The CCP has been using gaslighting techniques together with its centralized media system to control the Chinese people and to follow its determined narratives. The CCP often needs to create one lie after another to cover up. Under its centralized and tyrannical rules, the people have no right to know the truth. The Chinese people are the largest victims of the CCP. Only when the CCP is eliminated will the people have the right to live in the truth.

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