Disney Chairman Bob Iger Acts as a Propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party

Author : Marialu | Proofread/Audit: TCC | Page: qiudage

Disney Chairman Bob Iger, in order to maximize his economic benefits, has done everything he can to get close to the Chinese Communist Party (CPP). He has made use of Disney’s global platform and promised to tell “good stories” about Communist China to the world. It has been a long time since he acted as a propagandist and kowtowed to the CCP. Bob Iger’s speech at the gala of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR) in 2011, fully illustrated this.

In praise of the communist and repressive country, Iger said that he was “inspired by the vision” of the Chinese communist officials. Shanghai Disneyland venture now employs CCP Party members and has a “Party Activity Center” located near the park. This Disney chairman is very active to take a “stand” with the Chinese government. Tempted by the huge market in Communist China, he sold out the values of a democratic country and became a complicit with the CCP.

For the past two years, Disney and its Media Networks (like the ABC) have also been avoiding news coverage of demonstrations in Hong Kong. Iger said he did not want to take a political stance that would “harm the company” by condemning the Chinese government’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The Disney and some businessmen, like Iger, have tried their best to please the CCP against their own conscience through self-censorship. It is through people’s self-censorship and consciously implanting Communist ideas that the CCP can influence and erode freedom and democracy, the core ideology of the Western world. Then the people would turn a blind eye to the dictatorship of the CCP and human rights’ issues in China. Even some people in the West, so called elites, admire the CCP’s dictatorship. They haven’t tasted the iron fist of the CCP.

If the evil CCP really controlled the whole world, there would be no hope for the whole world. Therefore, to take down the CCP is not only for the sake of the Chinese people, but for the justice of the world, as well.

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