CCP’s Nine-Level Media Control

Translator: VOG-Translation-Team, BoredBug

First layer (domestic media)Superficial informationDisseminate basic slogans, directions, political side-taking suggestions to the masses through People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV news. 
Second layer (domestic media)Superficial informationConvey political attitudes and signals to groups of special interests or special identities through People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV news. 
Third layer (domestic media)Official interpretation of informationProvide the masses who are interested in the first-layer information with further thinking and behavioral guidance through Global Times, Phoenix TV, Sohu, Netease, Baidu, ChineseHLN, etc. 
Fourth layer (domestic media)Secondary-processed products of informationFabricate soft information for masses of different age groups uninterested in the superficial information and package it into entertainment news to instill day-to-day subconscious guidance into these people through Weibo, Wechat, Tik Tok, Kuaishou, bilibili, and other platforms. 
Fifth layer (domestic media)Tertiary-processed products of informationFrequently fabricate topics, both positive and negative, on Weibo, bilibili, douban, and other domestic platforms featuring active responses, and influence the surfers’ daily thinking and judgment through the huge-crowd strategy by flooding the screen with replies and comments to give a boost to public opinions. 
Sixth layer (domestic media)Negative guidance for informationIn the crisis of losing control of information or losing public trust, divert the focus of attention on the crisis through exposés under the disguise of individual informants to safeguard the major interests at minor sacrifice, find scapegoats, create breaking news for the self-media to retweet in unison to shunt the attention to other directions, orchestrate the masses’ denunciation, set the tone for public opinions at the peak of people’s indignation to let them vent their dissatisfaction, so as to evade the essential problems; when necessary, go as far as severing an arm to save the body and self-deprecating and create heroes to successfully divert the public‘s attention. 
Seventh layer (overseas media)Positive guidance for informationProduce internationally packaged information through overseas media and generate positive publicity by virtue of overseas media or experts to induce the overseas people or domestic netizens who break through the Great Firewall with VPNs to accept our ideological influence. 
Eighth layer (overseas media)Negative guidance for informationFabricate negative information with 30% truth and 70% falsehood through Youtube, Twitter, and overseas pro-democracy activists and attack our own publicity system with intentionally sleazy denigration, parody, extremely radical and brutal information so as to gradually stimulate antipathy and repulsion in the domestic firewall-breaking netizens so that they finally consider the overseas media untrustworthy.
Ninth layer (overseas media)Enhanced negative guidance for informationCultivate objective and rational media on the basis of 70% truth and 30% falsehood through Youtube and Twitter, allowing them to have free speech and remain objective and neutral in their analysis, and intentionally feed news and disclose true information that is not available to the domestic people to them in normal times, but demand them to provide positive guidance on major incidents in critical times to reap the support of their audience. 

Note: Those mentioned above are subject to the precondition that the information producers are clearly known or can be identified by reverse-tracing means. However, the behaviors and decision-making of numerous ordinary people are likely to be based on information from untraceable sources and disseminated through word of mouth, such as “I heard”, “My classmate said”, “Some people said”. Such information certainly originates from conjectures, and spontaneous panic and fabrication. 

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Feb. 26, 2020