A Famous Artist Showed His Perspective Towards Pandemic in His Paintings

“To love and be loved without any prohibition because nobody could take us away the right to be human.”  – Paolo Maggis

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: The-world

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Paolo Maggis is one of the top Italian painters of the new generation, but I didn’t know him until one day I saw his recent painting in the mid of pandemic: take care of me, expressing his longing for freedom after year-long lockdowns, curfews and restrictions for social distance.

The painting of this young artist is a psychoanalytic process as he tries to use the work to open the imagination and to free the thought. But the stringent policies adapted by worldwide government to deal with the pandemic has been nothing but to copy the model of totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP), which has been condemned as the genocide in Xinjiang, and which turned freedom Hong Kong into the police state in 2020 when it was supposed to be in the one country two systems to enjoy its entitled freedom system.

The lockdown and restrictions achieved little for the pandemic situation but cruelly damaged the mental status of people, when they can’t even express the basic affectionate feeling towards their families and friends due to the fear and for more than one year, they got depress and lost hope, the hope for living let alone hope to fight for their right of freedom.

It hurts the artist like Paolo and he couldn’t keep silent, he wanted to use his painting to wake up people. With such passion, he created serial of paintings about the need to be touched and taking care physically and “take care of me” is one of them. The pitch dark background can be interpreted as the dark time of pandemic while a woman and a man hugging each other tightly to united the power showed in their eyes, both sadness and determination: let’s fight for the freedom, free to show our feeling and free to enjoy our life. We take care of each other.

It’s great honor that I was able to contact with the media officer of the artist and had a brief talk with Paolo himself about his painting. As Miles Guo said in today’s Getter: nowadays people talk nothing but the virus. We too talked about the virus and the pandemic. The artist Paolo has got more in his agenda to let the world remember this pandemic with his future paintings. Once anyone set the eye on his painting “take care of me”, you won’t let this horror repeat again in your life time nor in the human history, I am sure.

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