[Words From Miles] | Posters serial (82)

People should be virtuous all their lives, virtuous as our mother river, the Yangtze River.

— Miles Guo October 8, 2017

Dear volunteers, you are the strong hands behind Mr. Guo! Let’s work together!

— Miles Guo October 12, 2017

The New Federal States of China is not held together by one person. It must rely on millions of fighters and supporters. If anyone feels that they are not important be assured this is not true – each of you is important.

— Miles Guo July 4, 2020

Do we have the true courage and purity of heart to pursue the elimination of the Communist Party and to build our faith and dignity at all costs? Fellow fighters you ask yourself, I have no right to give you the answer.

— Miles Guo July 4, 2020

The declaration of the New Federal States of China can overthrow the Communist Party, destroy the Communist Party, and eliminate the Communist Party. Can we overthrow the poison of communism in our bones and in our inner world?

— Miles Guo July 4, 2020

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