Some Thought on the Audit in Arizona

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  • Editor: peacelv

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The Arizona audit is undoubtedly the major news story, and evidence of cheating in the 2020 US presidential election is emerging one by one.

I don’t think it’s going to change anything, but now we have it. Now we have the evidence.

 The mainstream media can’t cover this up anymore. They can’t keep pretending Biden is a legitimate president.

That’s why they brought in total censorship. That’s why they say no one can question the election. That’s why the clown Kevin McCarthy came out and said everyone thinks it was fair.

Biden got eight to nine million more votes than Obama in 2008. We know Obama won those elections because they were running weaklings against him.

Trump won massively, he won. And when they close the polls, he wins around six points in all the battleground states that he barely won by a quarter point or a half a point in the last election.

They closed it, and then they brought the massive fraud in.

And now we have Maricopa County elections officials delete an entire database. They admit that they operate from voting machines on purpose in violation of law deleting all election information from the main database. They admit to the Senate and now they’re finding 17 percent plus anomalies and bad votes.

They need a lot of votes to stop Trump. So everywhere, if we check Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia. Everywhere we check we might find the same fraud.

The governments can ignore this. The Feds can ignore this. But it cannot be hided that a crazy spike of votes for Joe Biden appeared at 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning everywhere.

They ran the same scams everywhere. People come in with vans, in the middle of the night. They get out with ballots.

This was a criminal take over. You can say whatever about Trump. He wasn’t perfect. None of us, is perfect. The point is that the media hating him. The tech oligarch bans him. The Democrats even tried to impeach him three times. That’s because he was the president elected by the American people, and he was the first American president to have a strong attitude against the CCP.

Even in controlled CNN’s poll, 70% of Republicans think it was stolen. Another poll shows 80% of America questions the election across the board.

In this dark time, I hope everyone will maintain a positive spirit. The CCP will be doomed sooner or later, Trump won the 2020 election, and people have discovered crimes against humanity committed by Fauci, the World Health Organization, and those who promote vaccines.

We are not alone. More and more ordinary people started to question the results of the election, origin of the virus and the vaccine.

But what the correct government will do is they will squeeze us and then stop as soon as we fight back. When we dissipate, they will start squeezing again.

So, we must continue to exert pressure until Fauci, and those war criminals are locked in jail, and the war crimes they committed are brought to justice.

As long as more and more people understand the truth, as long as more and more people keep spreading the truth, justice will eventually be done.

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