Canadian Life Talk Issue No.8 2021-05-13

The Mount Royal Montreal Group 平民正道

Weekly News Brief

1. The number of new cases in Quebec today is 781, 36 more than yesterday, and the cumulative total has reached 360,982, of which 342,170 have recovered. Number of deaths: 11,017.

2: 72,946 people were vaccinated in a single day yesterday. The total vaccine dose was 3,918,884 doses, reaching 44% of the total population vaccinated. There are still 4,568,079 doses of vaccine waiting to be administered.

3: Montreal continues to be the city in Quebec with the highest number of new infections in a single day. There were 202 cases today alone. The cumulative number of infections is 128,188.

4: Quebec will offer a second dose of the vaccine to cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, immunocompromised patients 28 days after the first dose, as well as organ transplant and stem cell transplant patients. No appointment is necessary for these patients.

5: Greyhound is permanently suspending all bus routes between Quebec and Ontario today, and will reopen them when the U.S.-Canada border is reopened. This is the company that has been hit directly since the first wave has erupted. And 260 employees have been laid off. The next will be in the layoff of 45 employees.

Madam YISHAN talk about domestic Chengdu No. 49 high school’s incident

Madam YISHAN said now there are cameras everywhere inside the walls, and each of us has to face the injustice cameras. We can turn a blind eye to the injustice, but if this is spread on our heads, how will we face it? We never check how the school presents the truth of the incident and when to give the public a true fact. The surveillance cameras are broken at every critical moment. The school disposed of the child’s body without parental consent, leaving the parents crying in front of the school holding their child’s photo. Many parents are not concerned about others and are cold blooded. Have we ever questioned the generation that was cut like leeks during the 70 years of CCP rule? The Xinjiang concentration camps, the confiscation of property in the public-private partnership, the suffering of parents during the Cultural Revolution, etc., are worthy of deep consideration by all of us.

Madam JACKIE talks about children’s emotion management

According to research and statistics, a child who does not manage his or her emotions as a child is less likely to succeed in the workplace when he or she enters society. There are social barriers and even mental ill-health. This is related to the immaturity of children’s emotional management at an early age. Research has shown that early intervention (between the ages of 3 and 5) can help children succeed in the future. Allowing children to grow up innocently and naturally in childhood, rather than forcing them to learn as much as possible about math, science, and talent, is more conducive to the development of a healthy mind.

Guests and hosts talk about children’s education and growth

Parents cannot ignore when their children are unhappy. Parents’ own emotions should not be shown in front of their children. Parents should observe their children’s emotions carefully, think differently and appreciate their children’s moods. As adults, they should accept their children’s emotional changes and guide them to recognize the existence of emotions and face problems calmly without being affected by them. Be friends with children until they are 12 years old. After the age of 12, children’s world begins to break away from their parents’ embrace, and friends take an important place in their lives.

All three of Madam YISHAN’s children grew up to be very good, thanks to their mother’s early teaching by example. She was both tolerant and strict with her children. All 3 children know their mother’s principles and respect her so much that they don’t dare to make the same mistakes again.

Madam FARMSISTER said you can’t compare your children with other children. When she said that her children were not as good as others, her children argued very seriously with her that others are not what you see, and that others have bad points. She realized that she was wrong and that children very much mind that they are compared to others by their parents, no one likes to be criticized. Children 7-8 years old have a sense of independence, and families often hold regular democratic meetings. Children can make suggestions and speak their minds to their parents, which is very beneficial for the healthy growth of children and family harmony.

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