Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on May 13th, 2021


Rome DaVinci Himalaya Shuizhuyu

Seoul Himalaya Snow

MOS Himalaya Karen,Dolores,369( Wenju)

Translated by Himalaya Melbourne Athena Farm Xiaohongmao

Proofread by Himalaya Melbourne Athena Farm  Christine

  • It is difficult to monitor mobile phones in the case of digitization. The new iPhone cannot be monitored. Radiation from mobile phones can harm your health. Be sure to wear anti-radiation glasses or use a computer instead of a mobile phone.
  • A fellow fighter’s father died three days after the vaccine. Because of the vaccine, once, he said the Whistleblowers’ Movement was a lie. When this happens, there is nothing we can do, and we try our best. My benefactor in my hometown was also vaccinated. Unfortunately, his wife has passed away,  and it’s too late to regret it. Someone so close to you died for such a stupid reason. Two hundred scientists advise against vaccination. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate with zinc should be taken scientifically. Don’t take fake medicine. Japanese masks are the safest. Angel scientist (DR. Limeng Yan) individually challenges the best scientists in the world.
  • Several of my teachers were investigated. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) says Miles Guo is anti-communist and anti-China. Those teachers told the Chinese State Security Bureau (CSSB) to prove Miles Guo was a liar. The CSSB is exaggerated but polite. Some people have a conscience. The CCP has increased its efforts to suppress Miles Guo within China. The listing of the Himalayan coin is a massive threat to the CCP. The destruction of the CCP with money and the truth of the virus are proceeding unstoppably. Jack Ma’s case needs to be handled in a low profile. It is going to give the outside world the impression that entrepreneurs can continue to do business.
  • Qin Gang just sent out a picture of his ex-wife. He wants to be the Chinese ambassador to the United States. Qin Gang has only one mission, to eradicate the Whistleblowers’ Movement! So we have to be “prepared” for Qin Gang’s arrival. He will do everything he can to ruin the celebration of the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China. If there were no virus, we would have invited anyone, Kissinger, Pelosi, Obama. Because we helped all humankind and we speak the truth.
  • Virtual currencies are going to be legalized in the United States. There is an 80% chance that the US will approve the legalization of virtual currencies. Then, you can open a bank account and pay taxes as a currency category. With a payment license, you can buy things, and you can take the collateral. But that doesn’t mean you can just buy it. You have to purchase licensed virtual currency and only use it in states that allow it.
  • The CCP’s fear about the Himalayan coin and the truth of the virus is the same. There is no future for decentralized virtual currencies. On July 4, the anniversary of American independence, I will give a big gift to my fellow fighters. The Himalayan Coin, wiping out CCP with the truth of the CCP virus, the coalition’s actions hit the CCP. We angered CCP by telling people that hydroxychloroquine sulfate works and they should not be vaccinated. The CCP knew that “Getter” would change the world, and they were afraid. Once your KYC is approved, you have a lifetime Himalayan dollar account and directly purchase other G series. An absolutely confidential and secure account that only you know, with traceability if you are scammed. You need to know the true meaning of a Himalayan Dollar account. It is your own top-end, most secure bank. SEC refunds, for example, can be transferred directly to a Himalayan Dollar account, after which you can choose to continue investing in GTV or other G series. Those who apply for a refund will never come back. You should cherish and make good use of the Himalayan Dollar account you have. Himalayan Dollar accounts can be cashed out or invested at any time.
  • Thanks to all the conscientious police officers in China who have taken care of their compatriots according to the law. We will never forget it!
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4 months ago

We Chinese do having a great chance to take down CCP and turn the world into justice.From now on, the greatest ever show are making. We all are the one playing the key role on the way to Himalayas lead by Miles Guo. Hang on pal

4 months ago

Brother 7 glad you mentioned the police and the role they are playing because of their understanding many lives are spared