Fetching of Money from Distance

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Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast.2nd May.2021

GTV-UK News Special-Miles Guo’s Latest Revelation. 8th May. 2021

Since April 26th, Himalaya Exchange has been officially launched and started accepting KYC (Know your costumer) registration. So far, many fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement have passed the KYC. This is very exciting. It’s a hot topic now. Miles Guo mentioned many times about it this week.

According to the introduction the official account of Himalaya Exchange on Twitter: Himalaya Encrypted Currency is like a physical wallet, but 100% digital. We are living in the digital age, so it makes sense that even our wallets are digital. Himalaya Exchange, Digital currency accessible to everyone!

Our beloved Miles Guo said, an influential friend in the UK who was once very much against the digital currency has now joined the Himalaya Coin and G series.

If you haven’t heard about the digital currency which will soon replace the traditional currency, then we are so sorry to say that you are really outdated.

Time flies!Everything changes!

Look at the Uber in the United States, Miles Guo gave us a very good example: back then, Uber way of transportation was not favored. Uber stock was very cheap at the time. Look at now, who still takes a taxi in the US? Taxi drivers need hundreds of thousands of dollars to apply for a business license, and no one wants it now. About Air B&B, many people said back then, who would like to stay in someone’s private house? Unsanitary, unsafe, no insurance, etc. How nice to go to the hotel. Now look at Air B&B, its market share in the world accommodation business segment is many times more than hotels.

And Now, let’s talk about our money. Why do you still go to the bank when you don’t need a bank? With digital currency you can use your mobile phone and computer to transfer money, so we don’t need a bank anymore.

What is a cryptocurrency system, virtual currency, blockchain?

In the past, money was a currency that could hold its value. Money was only a tool of transaction, but it was so easily controlled by political powers and of course it was not safe.

Now, the digital currency, only yourself know it, the money is so safe.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain will completely change the wealth exchange and lifestyle of mankind.

Encrypted virtual currency breaks two old traditions:

First, The state power cannot monopolize the wealth of the people and impose unreasonable taxes.

Second, the state cannot control your physical body, so your freedom of speech is basically unconditional.

Freedom of wealth means freedom of physical body, and freedom of physical body is the freedom of speech.

But, the greatest blockchain cryptocurrency system and digital currency system that you never imagined are born. The creation of the new digital currency requires four core conditions:

The first is legality, Himalaya coin is recognized by the whole world

The second is the security and confidentiality which require a lot of money to maintain it,

The third is the ability to prevent hackers. H coin is the only digital currency that can guarantee losses and receive compensation.

The fourth, H Coin has a payment system and a business operation system, which are not available in other virtual and digital currencies. H-Coin belongs to the Himalaya Reserve. It is back by solid gold reserves, equivalent to U.S. dollar status. H Coin can be circulated all over the world.

In the past a few months, the world’s cryptocurrency market has grown from hundreds of billions to 2.5 trillion and will soon exceed 5 trillion US dollars. When digital currency reaches ten trillion in the market, then it is not just a currency anymore. It will affect humanity in Science and technology, civilization, trade and finance. It will become a force that cannot be ignored and overturned by anyone. Although currently, the digital currency market has its ups and downs, remember, Bitcoin will eventually be intercepted by the world, and it will disappear.

Himalaya coin is centralized, can find its owner, has the highest encryption system, and will never become a tool for money laundering crime.

The significance of the encrypted blockchain is 1. Security; 2. Globalization; 3. Untraceable; 4. Nobody can ever take it away from you.

Blockchain cryptocurrency has a more important function: absolute fairness! After a series of research and development, in the end, everyone is equal in front of the blockchain and digital codes!

In the future, human beings will be equal in front of digital currency; Digital currency is absolutely safe, and the exchange of equivalent productivity is completely voluntary.

By the way, if the 90 million members of the CCP want to put their money in the safest place, it is here, the Himalaya Reserve! Himalaya Coin is linked to the U.S. dollar and back by gold reserves. You can exchange HCoin for various other currencies at any time!

No one can check! No one can block! No one can take your money away! This is what Miles Guo always mentioned, so called “withdrawing money from the air”.

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