[CCP Genocide] CCP Official Replies about Genetic Bioweapons Corroborate its Engagement in Large-scale Development of Bioweapons

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The Australian media’s report on the paper titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons (the “Bioweapons Guide”) on May 8 has sent shock waves throughout the world and also thrown the CCP into a flurry of panic. 

Global Times fought back with an op-ed a day later, slating the other party for twisting the contents of an academic book, not a leaked document, “to support its own conspiracy theory that China was engaged in weaponizing the novel coronavirus several years before the pandemic”. 

This claim was echoed by Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman and director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department of China, during the regular press conference on May 10. “It (the book) cited relevant research by former US Colonel Michael Ainscough and pointed out that next-generation bioweapons are part of US air force projects,” Hua said, “The argument by Ainscough shows that it is the US that is researching the technology of genetic engineering applied to bio-warfare and bioterrorism.” 

Once again, the CCP mouthpieces try to defuse the explosive issue by obfuscation. 

It is a truth that the author of the Bioweapons Guide drew his inspiration from Col. Ainscough’s declassified paper Next-Generation Weapons for the fourth chapter “Contemporary Genetic (New Artificial Human Pathogen and Pathogenic Genes) Weapons and Their Discharge” but Col. Ainscough did not mention anywhere in his paper that “next-generation bioweapons are part of US air force projects”. Instead, he pointed out that the US bioweapon programs were terminated in 1969, which has limited the US’s ability to develop medical defensive measures against biological warfare and bioterrorism.

In fact, Col. Ainscough’s paper contains six chapters whereas only the chapter “Six Paths to Enhance Biothreats” (which takes up 6 pages, around one-fifth of the main body of the paper) was expounded on and developed in the fourth chapter of the book, and the other contents about the Soviet Union’s biological warfare program, bioterrorism, biowarfare, and biodefense were left aside. 

A major advancement from Col. Ainscough’s theory is the author’s definition of contemporary genetic weapon (“CGW”) with a prominent feature of invisibility “which makes it extremely difficult to identify the methods, materials, locations, times, etc. of their release so that there is no way to uncover the discharge process, the reasons for the discharge, and who discharges, researches and develops, and orchestrates these weapons. Eventually, the incident will be smothered up”(P99 of the Bioweapon Guide)- and therefore, the culprit can get away with the secret attack unscathed. 

The author further points out that CGWs are new pathogens that do not exist in nature or have not fully adapted themselves to human bodies, or new non-pathogen organisms that can cause injuries or deaths to human beings, or new pathogenic or lethal genes that do not exist in human bodies, which means that CGWs are genetically engineered.

Then the author describes the pathway to developing the ecological genetic agent of artificial new species of human virus, with emphasis given to the so-called natural evolutionary steps for artificial modification through serial passaging to make the genetic weapon thus obtained resemble a product of natural evolution so as to foreclose investigation and prevention. (P110 of the Bioweapon Guide)

The book even put forward a glaring point that CGW is no longer limited for military use but can be used in peacetime to fulfill the aggressor’s interests and implement its political strategies and therefore is dubbed unrestricted warfare weapon. (P125 of the Bioweapon Guide).

Overall, nearly one-third of the main body of the Bioweapon Guide is dedicated to bioweapon-related topics with the remaining contents contributed to proving the non-natural origin of SARS. This seems to eclipse the alarming fact that the authors and most of the editors of the book are from the Chinese military medical universities and institutes. 

On top of this, I notice that, as mentioned in the book, Col. Ainscough’s paper was not declassified until the end of 2012, probably because the contents were considered too sensitive. By contrast, the even more sensitive and more sinister contents mentioned above were blatantly published in an “academic work” which, given the academic and social status of the authors, may be used as textbooks for or at least recommended to students and researchers of military and civil medical education and research institutes. 

This begs the question of why the CCP military felt an urge to promote these bioweapon theories with an openly available publication in 2015. Is it because they needed to prime the medical students and researchers for their massive bioweapon development project? A more tantalizing question is if these contents are not confidential enough, what horrendous information will we find in the classified “internal documents” for the CCP leadership?

Hua Chunying purported, “China has always strictly fulfilled its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention and doesn’t develop, research or produce bio-weapons.” 

However, as revealed in my February 25 report on a study project headed by Gao Fu, the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CCP launched a 5-year study on cross-species infection and transmission, molecular mechanisms for cross-species infection, pathogenesis, and neurotropism of emerging viruses in 2011. Under this project, jillions of samples of bats, rodents, insectivores, animals in the wild, zoos, and farms all over the country were collected, stored, and studied in the laboratories for the purpose of building human coronavirus banks, virus strain banks, gene banks, and natural host animal virus resource banks. 

Then, at the same time as the above project entered the final stage, as exposed by another Gnews report on May 11 titled CCP Military Scientist Wenjie Tan Is a Key Figure in the Laboratory Creation and Perhaps the Release of COVID-19 and Malik Peiris, the CCP kicked off another five-year Major Study on Cross-Species Infection and Transmission Mechanisms of Emerging Zoonoses in July 2016, which was headed by Tan Wenjie, the director of Emergency Response Technology Center, Virus Prevention and Control Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite the lack of details about the project, it is obviously a successor to the previous study. 

In the light of the CCP dictatorial appetite for five-year plans, their bioweapon program probably follows the same pattern. If Hua is to argue that their virus research projects are not for military purposes, she had better come up with a tenable excuse for their suspicious interests in cross-species infection and transmission and their perverse zeal for collecting novel viruses from all over the country, even abroad. 

I believe a little more digging into the papers published by Chinee virologists in the past decade about novel Coronavirus, Nipah virus, hantavirus, avian influenza virus, rabies virus, encephalitis B virus, dengue virus, etc. will turn up more smoking guns. These breadcrumbs are left for our fellow fighters. 

Now that the CCP’s clandestine bioweapon program is gradually looming up, we are pressed to ask what, apart from the CCP virus, is quietly waiting for us in its biological arsenal.

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