Population in sharp decline; Financial System totally ruined; DCEP failed entirely.

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

This year they’re talking about China registering 12 million newborns in 2020.

One of our fellow sisters on the inside told me:

She said “Miles do you know?”

Actually, China has less than 7 million newborns in 2020.

at the end, she said that the leaders decided to report 8.6 million.

After reviews, they finally reported 12 million.

Just imagine… China as such a big country

with merely 7 million newborns.

More than 100 million migrant workers in China

make up the vital foundation for CCP’s enslavement of all Chinese people

These people are now, on average, in their forties.

Can they still toil?

This China-aging progress will eventually

render the Chinese nation to be truly worthless.

Indeed, death of a nation looms.

Secondly, gold reserves.

Gold reserves across the country have never been thoroughlyaudited

It is fully depending on paper reports

She said that one of thevice premiers

suggested that China’s gold reserves should be verified.

Total numbers counted are astounding!

There is a huge gap between the actual amount of gold reserves and the numbers reported each year.

She said Minsheng Bank defaulted

1.7 trillion RMB on financial instruments.

Bank of Shanghai

lost 1 trillion RMB worth of financial instruments and notes

Wouldn’t dare to write-off, verify, reconcile or even to investigate.

People’s Bank of China only publishes foreign exchange inflow

trade volume growth.

But have you seen them conscientiously publish

Any of the other key indicators?

Such as, China’s foreign exchange outflows and foreign debt?

She said a country which is tossed around is a bankrupted country.

And what scares me more is this.

DCEP digital RMB

has failed 21 consecutive tests on all fronts.

The CCP wants to take full control.

 “Only I can know what’s going on…everybody else is in left in the dark”

In the end, money sent out never came back.

This is called the black hole of the blockchain

This just can’t be resolved.

Said that all the best talents who returned from abroad then

have mislead the CCP in regards to the DCEP.

She said “Miles, you guys are too good!

After reading your white paper and looking at your technology.

the ICO technology in particular

everyone is convinced to the core!”

 “How did they do it?” they ask.

Communist China

can’t do it.

We did it!

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