When Will the White Paper of the CCP Virus Come Out?

In the May 5, 2021 GTV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo answered the question from a fellow fighter on when the White Paper on the CCP virus will come out. He said that the White Paper was ready, and the publishing of the US White Paper on the CCP virus would mean the decoupling with the CCP and/or a war with the CCP.

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Crow (ID of a fellow fighter) asked when the white paper of the CCP virus will come out.

I can talk a bit about this with you guys. Based on my knowledge, the U.S. white paper [on the CCP virus] is ready. What is the consequence of publishing the white paper by the U.S. then? Decouple with the CCP and/or go to a war with the CCP! So, the CCP has been aware of this and is now trying to win over those poor brothers and sisters at the U.N. to fight against the U.S. with it. 

So, when will the white paper come out? I think it is very likely that a preliminary version of it will come out first, with a less serious tone.

Regarding the current battle in the U.S. surrounding the presidential election, please remember, brothers and sisters, I have mentioned this before – the results of American presidential election and the social turmoil caused by it will eventually manifest next year in 2022. It is impossible for the U.S. to let the election go so easily. It’s just not possible. One side must fall. Everyone has seen the absurd result of the election and know that neither of the two vice presidents is easy to deal with. Everyone has seen it.     

Next, the impact of the U.S. presidential election will go beyond everyone’s imagination. Never ever underestimate the United States of America. It is such a great country! However ridiculous things happened can never eradicate its greatness. Although this country is not perfect, no other country is a match to it, not even close. The U.S. does not only have the ability to recover itself but also has the ability to keep in pace with the era. It always becomes stronger and stronger in the process of creation, disasters, mistakes as well as frustrations. The U.S. is essentially a country that learns and grows from its own mistakes.     

Then, who will take advantage of the results of the white paper? Please remember, the final version of the white paper will be out after the U.S. presidential election is wrapping up and must be after the occurrence of a series of absurd political incidents.

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to 黑郁金香(文郁), 山川异域, and the Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast Group for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1180220/

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