virus! virus!

Perhaps no one would think that the opening ceremony of the New Year in 2020 is a global plague!

In just a few months, the virus, which originated from the central city of Wuhan, swept through nearly 30 countries around the world. The Chinese Communist Party has no credibility regarding the number of infections and deaths in China. It is speculated that the number of infected people has reached hundreds of thousands, and the number of deaths is nearly 6 figures. Except in China, the virus has spread widely in South Korea, Italy and Iran, and the world is shrouded in unprecedented terror.

Since Wuhan was closed, almost overnight, Wuhan people have become Jews in their own country, and they have been rejected, expelled, or forcibly quarantined as virus carriers everywhere they go! No matter if you were a scientist or a senior intellectual or an entrepreneur, you are a Wuhan person, a Hubei person, all your auras and all your contributions to society are gone. You are a ” Active virus “!

Then the Chinese became a virus all over the world! Various countries have closed the door to the Chinese, and even in some countries, the phenomenon of smashing Chinese stores has deeply disturbed the Chinese around the world. It seems that the tragedy of the anti-Chinese event in history is about to come out!

What did the Chinese do wrong? What did the Wuhan people do wrong? They are ordinary people, flesh and blood, people who know how to love and hate! They love the world and the family. They are also the husband’s wife and father’s son. They have also diligently fulfilled their social responsibilities, loved their posts, and devoted themselves to the front line of rescue regardless of their safety!

The whole world now knows that the virus was made by the CCP ’s laboratory, and that it was leaked or intentionally dropped, but this has nothing to do with these ordinary Chinese, all Chinese are victims, and the Wuhan people are even the CCP Victim.

The whole world should recognize that the Chinese Communist Party is the most dangerous virus facing us as human beings! Wuhan people are not, Chinese people are not! This virus is extremely infectious, extremely lethal, and spreads very fast. If it is not completely eliminated, it will sweep the world at any time. As long as you give it a live breath, it will resurrect! Therefore, the whole world should see that the CCP will never die, and the safety of all humankind will not be guaranteed for a day! The whole world should also see that CCP is strong today, and 7 billion everyone has a responsibility!

When they slaughtered in Tibet, you thought Tibet was too far away from you, and you kept silent!

When they put Xinjiang people into concentration camps, you thought you were living in a democratic country and you turned a deaf ear!

When they crushed the students with tanks in Tiananmen, you said it was China’s internal affairs, and continue to enjoy freedom!

When they instantly turned Hong Kong into hell, you became vigilant!

When they turned Wuhan into a virus export destination, you were finally afraid!

It’s time to seriously think about countermeasures, because no one knows where, after Hong Kong and Wuhan, where will be the next goal of CCP! !!

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