May 7, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter [3rd]

Translator: Himalaya New York MOS (USA) (7PawBear)

proofreader: Himalaya Rose Garden Team (Isaiah4031)

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[May 7, 2021] Video translation

Wow, it feels so good without the mask. I have been busy till now. Many fellow fighters have sent me messages saying that many people from mainland China forwarded misinformation about the security problem of Himalaya coin (H-Coin). They raised many questions. First of all, I have read through many messages. Now let me answer you briefly. The CCP told people inside the party to ban Bitcoin, but it actually was targeting H-Coin and trying to prevent people from buying H-Dollar or H-Coin. This is the CCP’s true purpose and it is so obvious, so everyone should know it. Our fellow fighters are smart and all know why the CCP is so frightened by H-Coin. Why are they so frightened by H-Dollar? They are nothing, aren’t they? If that is the case, why are you so afraid?        

Then, they propagandized that if you bought H-Coin or H-Dollar, you would be screwed if you were forced to transfer them to somewhere with a gun pointing at your head. According to their logic, you can point at anyone who bought Bitcoin or any other virtual currencies with a gun, asking them to transfer the money to your home or to the CCP’s Zhongnan Pit, can’t you? This is  just bullshit.

The biggest advantage of blockchain is its safety which is incomparable to any paper currency or any traditional financial systems. Simply put, the two are as different as writing a feather letter in the old days versus making a telephone call today. A letter can be robbed by anyone on its way to the recipient, by anyone who is BGY’ed, right? The letter carrier can be drugged in any store where he stops and get the letter stolen. Have you watched those TV dramas before, about how someone in the emperor’s palace is poisoned by the drug put in their soup by others, leading to miscarriage and how the emperor’s will is falsified? Today is the electronic era, so those things cannot happen. Just like making a phone call, it only takes one call to get information confirmed as long as there is phone signal. And it is impossible to destroy any information. The advantage of an electronic system is that anything, after going through the electronic system, cannot be distorted or destroyed anymore.

The core of Bitcoin is encryption through the blockchain, and therefore nobody can tamper with or rob your fortune. It is impossible to manipulate, rob, or destroy the data. Its greatness lies in the encryption. More importantly, many fellow fighters don’t know what will happen when somebody points at you with a gun asking you to transfer money to his mistresses. Please take a good look at H-Coin and H-Dollar, as well as blockchains. They all have the tracking function. Simple as it is. H-Coin or any other newly emerged encrypted blockchain based coins all have a function: when the money is transferred illegally, it can be recovered and is trackable. Only you are able to do the tracking.

Once you trigger the security alert, immediately the alert system will verify your identity through the system, making sure it’s you who triggered the alert. There are many different ways you can use to trigger the alert. For instance, you can insert a sequence of numbers in your passcode or you can just add a name that is easy for you to remember, followed by a special code. When somebody pointed at you with a gun, you could input the code when typing your password of your account. Your coins will be transferred, but the code tells the security center of the blockchain that you are threatened. The transferred money will then be frozen, but people who threatened you will see that the money has arrived but the kidnappers cannot take away the money. Even if the kidnappers take the money, the blockchain can find the money no matter where it goes – this is why blockchains are so powerful. The data cannot be destroyed and cannot be tampered with. This is its core value.       

For example, the CCP points at you with a gun, asking you to transfer your virtual currency to A, then to B, and then to C. Those data will remain in the blockchain system forever. As long as the transactions are in the security system of the blockchain, your money can be located. Hence, it has a tracking system, which is not serving the CCP or serving any government. It only serves its customers. This is its basic guarantee. This is the core value of the blockchain encryption technology.    

Also, many fellow fighters asked: What if I use it for shopping, and after the transaction is completed, I tell the alert system that I was forced to make the purchase, then by doing that, can I void the transaction? Let me tell you – absolutely impossible! This is because you made the purchase and the other party’s information does exist. The only exception is that the other party’s information is fake. If you can prove the other party is fake, then it is fine. If the other party is an entity, there will be traces left by your purchasing process. In the blockchain, the core technology is that everything can be verified. If you made a fake report, it will be discovered completely in the end. Therefore, it is impossible to falsify any information. The price of faking information is to assume the criminal responsibilities. Falsifying information is impracticable. For instance, the CCP points at you with a gun asking you to buy a pair of shoes or underwear and mail them to it. Don’t worry. The process itself is the evidence proving that CCP is committing the crime.

Under any circumstances, even after five years, a decade, or a century, it will still be the same. Moreover, the trace of all blockchains circulating in society can be discovered. The only thing that you will never find out is who used the coin. You will never know the owner of the coin. One exception is that the owner wants you to know himself. Only when you follow the security procedure and encryption technology and collaborate with the investigation departments in the country, criminal investigation agencies and the company which developed the coin, can you find out the owner, and nobody can falsify any information during the process. Therefore, there is no possibility that the CCP can point at you with a gun and force you to transfer money. Otherwise, all bitcoins would have been robbed, right? 1.4% of the owners hold one trillion, i.e., 94% to 97% of the coins, so how can the coins be easily robbed? Is it possible? Even if you rob the money, it still belongs to the owner, because you cannot take it away. It is this simple.                

Blockchains and encrypted currencies have the advantages of safety, security, circulation, and traceability. More importantly, it does not need agents. Like what I said today, it doesn’t need any middleman. It is not like the old days when you made a phone call, you had to say, “Hello, the service desk, please connect me to number six.” Then the person on the other side of the call would say: “Wait for a minute.” Then, the person would connect you to number six. The middleman could hear your conversation without you being aware of it because there was no way for you to verify, right? Then number six might say: “I am transferring you to our leader, who is 921, and then you will be transferred to…” This is ridiculous, right? Now, the phone call is one-on-one with encryption, which is difficult to tap into. You can imagine that the encryption technology of today’s phone calls is not even comparable to the currency encryption technology of blockchain! Many of our fellow fighters are professionals and should understand what I am talking about. Blockchain cannot be lost or robbed.     

Let’s talk about the craziness of the CCP. Look at the sanctions toward CCP’s state-owned enterprises this weekend. The three telecommunication companies and a lot more other companies, as well as China Concepts Stock (CCS) will all be kicked out. Not only the U.S., Europe and Japan will all take actions, India is going to take actions immediately, let alone Canada. Hence, when I mentioned decouple and the destroy of the CCS in 2017, people in mainland China thought it was a joke and said Miles Guo was insane. But now everything has happened. 

What are people in mainland China doing now? They are practicing how to quickly burn people in the crematorium. Thousands of cities are planning one drill after another to do the Cultural Revolution again to kill the rich and celebrities for all bad things are caused by the so-called imperialism, the American imperialism, and capitalism. This is a new round of Cultural Revolution (version 2.0) playing.

Brothers and sisters, be proud of yourselves, for you are still alive and you haven’t contracted the CCP virus. Feel happy for yourself and cherish your life because you have today’s Whistleblower Movement (WM). You must take full advantage of the opportunities and resources you have –  you are alive and you own encrypted currency, the modern G-TV, G-News, G-Fashion, and G-Clubs. None of these can happen in the CCP-controlled China. It would be a disaster for you even if you had them. The CCP would not let you own them. The encrypted currency in the CCP-controlled China only belongs to one party and one organization – the CCP. So, it is definitely unsafe. An absolutely centralized and regionally encrypted currency that doesn’t have legal regulations cannot be called encrypted currency. It is called rogue coin, scam coin. Simple as this.

The operation of encrypted currency is 24 hours per day, which requires a big team, a huge machine, a gigantic and independent data center, and a great team of engineers. Without capital support everyday, it cannot survive. So, considering all these requirements together, not everyone has the ability to handle encrypted currency. It’s like it is easy to watch others singing, but do you want to try it yourself? It is easy to see a dog barking, right? But you don’t know how to bark even you are asked to learn. Just like the nine-finger demon, it is okay to brag, but don’t get fooled by your own brags.         

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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