[May 9, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter [1st]

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[May 9, 2021] Video translation

Brothers and sisters, how are you! I forgot to say “Happy Mother’s Day” during my live broadcast this morning. I subconsciously avoided saying it. I truly don’t want to say “Happy Mother’s Day”. In fact, when many people sent me “Happy Mother’s Day” messages last night, I became really emotional.

Mother’s Day is always the saddest time for me. But this day still is Mother’s Day. After all, this day still exists. May those who have mother in this world really love their mother, not just buy some clothes or food for your mother. You should spend time with her and love her! Just like how your mother was patient and spending time with you before. I think this is your true love to your mother, not just a few pretended, absent-minded greetings.

[Think about] how a mother treats her children with genuineness, patience, commitment, and love, and puts her children’s life above her own life. If a child can treat his/her mother like one hundred millionth of how his/her mother treats him/her, the child would be a great person. But the sad thing is that the majority of people can’t do it. Neither did I. So, I think I was an unfilial son. In any circumstances, brothers and sisters, you should remember that your mother is the greatest. You must pay her back with patience and sincere love.

Sincerely I wish all mothers in the world a happy Mother’s Day!  All mothers in the world are respected and loved by Miles. Amitabha! Thanks!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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