COVID-19 lockdown: desperation and starvation

Desperation and starvation. Words cannot describe how people feel under COVID-19 lockdown. What we can say is that the Chinese Communist Party is now applying its cruel treatment for Uighurs to people in Hubei and beyond. The CCP turned Xinjiang into a big prison, now the region under lockdown is like a prison that is driving people crazy.

A notification sent to Wuhan residents about further reducing food delivery under lockdown


Our friends at this community:

Thank you for your cooperation with the community association! The owners were getting daily essentials from various online platforms and channels. Every day, people went downstairs to pick up their orders, which led to frequent exits, gatherings, and contacts with risky products. This increased the risk of getting viral infections, posted more threats to the owners’ health and caused big concerns among the people. In order to contain the source of infection, enforce the process achieved in the past few weeks, ensure the safety of each resident and ultimately win the battle against the epidemic, the following decisions have been made per discussions among the Communist Party members at Houguanhu Community, owners, and volunteers:

  1. Limit group purchase to basic essentials including rice, flour, cooking oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, seasonings, and medicins. Once every five days. Purchases and “disinfected” delivery are to be completed by the association. Other products are not allowed to be purchased.
  2. Food delivery and third party purchases are not allowed.
  3. There will be a one-day buffer. Starting at 24:00 on Feb 24, no delivery transaction is allowed at the community entrance.
  4. Please store enough essentials for at least five days. Reduce the chances to go out, gather or touch items with potential risks.

Please bear the inconvenience, and don’t get loose or carried away for the sake of yourself, your family, and the city. Your obedience and self-discipline is the iron wall against the virus. Don’t let your gluttony make us try in vain to stop the virus. Don’t forget how the epidemic started. We should give up our unnecessary desires and live a simple life, implement various changes to achieve 24-hour lockdown in the community, stop infections, win the people’s war against the epidemic!

Houguanhu Community

Feb 23, 2020

An almost identical notification was sent to another community in Wuhan with only a few updates like:

  • changing the community name
  • adding the designated food purchaser names
  • updated the frequency from every five days to seven days

So this notification is a lie! It is not a decision made by the communities as stated, because different communities are getting the same notifications with the same wording.

People now fear that the CCP wants to starve the Wuhan people to death in order to kill the virus.

A desperate mom stabbed a community guard who stopped her from getting food for her starving son

Her son was screaming and asked her to stop and go home.

A person “freed” himself by falling from a window

A desperate Uighur’s cry for mercy

The Chinese Communist Party has put everyone under lockdown in Xinjiang.

This Uighur’s family of three ran out of food. He was begging: “I have no food at home! What should I do? Do you want me to kill myself? Three people in my family are very hungry. We are almost starved to death. We will be starved to death soon!”

Please click on the link to read more about Uighur under lockdown:

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