Miles Guo: CCP is spreading the virus around the world (Part II)

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Feb 22.2020.(Part II)

One of the military sources involved in the meeting said that quasi-chemical weapons might be used in Hong Kong. Hong Kong imposed martial law without an official announcement. Because Wang Qishan said, “Hong Kong’s economy can’t stand it, the country’s economy can’t stand it,” he said. “the political cost is too high.”

Miles Guo and Expose Revolution had warned everyone in June that the communist party was ready to use quasi-biochemical weapons.

The battle between Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping has started. Xi realized that he was fooled by Wang, Jiang, Meng, Zeng, Zhu. However, this is a part of Nanputuo Plan; the real power stays within these families. Xi can’t even hold the Two Session meeting, in the past 42 years, there was no cancellation of this meeting. It is essential for him to show the continuity and legitimacy of the regime and to ensure political stability!

The Chinese Communist Party encourages research on biochemical weapons to use against the US. However, it was used on the Hong Kong protest movement. But it lost control, and now it went back to China, to Wuhan Hubei. It has spread to Beijing, and it will continue to spread to entire China and the world.

Wang Qishan, Jiang’s family, and Yang Jiechi suggest Xi Jinping spread this virus to the world, so the West will not have the energy to against us. If the rest world is infected with this disease, they’ll help us to solve this chaos. Our economic problems are also their economic problems

According to Miles Guo, the outbreaks will occur in Japan, Cambodia, the United States, Canada, all of Europe and also a few small countries in Asia.

It was written on the Pili tablet under the P4 lab, “When you approached the door, you will be entered the Pandora’s box, once the box opens, no one can control it!”

Pan Shiyi, Zhang Xin, Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, Ding Lei, Li Yanhong, including Dong Wenbiao, are all investors and sponsors of the Pili tablet.

20,000 police were sent to Hubei by Sun Lijun. People who don’t follow the demand or creating troubles for the CCP will directly send to a temporary concentration camp. Many will be killed in the name of the “novel coronavirus.” without any consequences.

After the February 29th, everyone will know, the world will be shocked, the world will wake up. God will once again reorganize the human faith, morality, rules! Realign the resources of each race and the wisdom and wealth of all mankind!

—The End

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Feb. 23, 2020