CCP purges Hong Kong cops with Covid19; 59 in quarantine


Fifty-nine police officers have been quarantined after a 48-year-old male cop in Hong Kong was infected with Covid19 on Thursday night.

According to Miles Guo’s broadcast on Feb 22:

  • the number of infected cases in Hong Kong is greatly altered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). So any numbers coming out of Hong Kong are NOT to be trusted.
  • The real number of infections in Hong Kong are in tens of thousands. Many were sent to secrete quarantine centers on the mainland China side.
  • there will be massive Covid19 infections among the Hong Kong police, because the CCP regards them as potential unstable factors and is trying to purge them with the virus.
  • Covid19 was originally created to attack the U.S. Covid19 was unleashed to crack down the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong but backfired.
  • Now the CCP wants to spread Covid19 globally to keep every country too busy to punish the CCP.

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